Your Weekly Horoscope News: July 22nd – July 26th

Everything you absolutely need to know to get through this upcoming week.

weekly horoscope
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The High Priestess Of Brooklyn

Happy Monday! Alex of High Priestess of Brooklyn here with your Astro x Tarot Scopes weekly horoscope for July 22nd through July 26th. We’re kicking off this week with a New Moon, which is now my new favorite way to start a new week (hey, it’s the little things!) However, this one hits different because of the direct opposition of the New Moon in Cancer with Saturn in Capricorn. Both of these celestial bodies are in their “home sign,” or the sign they feel most comfortable: the nurturing Moon in the maternal sign of Cancer and the structured Saturn in the taskmaster sign of Capricorn. The resulting theme: maternal and parental influence on our internal child. And with Mars conjunct Chiron as well, we likely need to address old wounds. 

You’ll want to access your inner child this week first to be able to work with the manifestation of your greatest desires. So while it’s been a minute (eight weeks to be exact!) since you’ve had an uneclipsed moon cycle, it’s important to understand the underlying layers below the surface before dreaming big. For specific intuitive guidance for your sign, read on below for your weekly horoscope: 

weekly horoscope
Image: High Priestess of Brooklyn

Your Weekly Horoscope

Cancer (Knight of Cups, Reversed):

Feeling taken advantage of never sits well with you Cancer. You give and give, only to have your cup empty at the end of the day. Chivalry is not dead its just…hiding. Train others how to treat you by showing them what you need to feel supported. 

Leo (Four of Pentacles, Reversed):

Lack and scarcity mindset can often stem from childhood. If you’re feeling like you never have enough lately, try identifying the root of that fear this week, Leo. You’ll be amazed at what you can unblock. 

Virgo (Queen of Swords):

Direct and clear communication will be much easier for you this week with Mercury out of its shadow period. This could be the right time to speak or write to a parent figure to work out your feelings, Virgo. 

Libra (Justice, Reversed):

It’s no surprise you’re salty about the unfairness going on in the world right now, Libra. Your internal system is made to balance and harmonize what’s broken. Try getting in touch with the idyllic version of yourself vs the cynical version this week.

Scorpio (Ten of Swords):

Endings are necessary, which you know a thing or two about, Scorpio. But an ending this week can bring up painful emotions originating from past wounds. Try to delineate if its the current situation that’s hurtful or the connection to a past event and then nurture yourself accordingly. 

Sagittarius (Three of Swords):

Love hurts, Sagittarius. There is a possibility for some quarrels this week with a loved one. Be careful not to lash out in retaliation as this is most likely repairable. 

Capricorn (Seven of Cups):

Bring back your childlike innocence, imagining possibilities this week, Capricorn! While you likely had a serious streak as a kid, you definitely had massive dreams too. Use Saturn in your sign as an advantage to structure possibilities. 

Aquarius (Five of Swords):

Jockeying for power usually isn’t your style Aquarius, but you might find yourself in a power struggle this week. Stand your ground where you might normally flex and knock your opponent off their guard. You’ll be the “King of the Castle” soon enough. 

Pisces (Three of Wands, Reversed):

You’ll see cracks in the pavement this week where you otherwise might see opportunities to fill them in. Acknowledge that this critical eye is a benefit to your otherwise optimistic, go with the flow vibe. Use this energy to identify your weak points and feel through them with your creative outlet of choice. 

Aries (The Fool):

Ready, set, go! Mars is in your sign for the next six months, stoking your fire energy. You’re more comfortable at the starting line than really anywhere else Aries, so enjoy this week’s “jump off the deep end” energy. 

Taurus (The Hanged Man):

This week is all about a change in perspective, Taurus. Even though its a new moon, there’s a halted feeling to this week. Just like being put in time-out, it does no good to fight the energy.  Lean into the waiting. 

Gemini (The Moon):

This Cancer new moon has you leaning towards heart healing energy. Rose quartz has healing properties so try a meditation exercise using this stone as an aid. You may not feel much like talking about it this week which is OK. Feel everything. 

As a rising Capricorn/Gemini Sun/Scorpio Moon and a lifelong student of all things mystic, Alex Caiola, aka High Priestess of Brooklyn uses Tarot and Astrology as a language to interpret energy. She discovered her gift of Claircognizance (Psychic Knowing) in her ’20s, smack-dab in the middle of her ten-year career in Talent Management. Both careers have been centered around her innate ability to understand people. Over time, she realized her gift was taking esoteric, inaccessible wisdom, and breaking it down into practical advice. She founded High Priestess of Brooklyn with the mission of helping people achieve Modern Enlightenment. She believes everyone should be able to access the benefits of mysticism, not just the spiritually elite, so she created this platform to deliver curated spiritual wellness practices in a down-to-Earth format.  Alex resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn so the name High Priestess of Brooklyn was intuitive. 

Consistent Tarot Practice has incredible potential to bring about self-awareness, empathy, and trust in your universal purpose. Alex is here to give that to you. But in order for Spiritual guidance to stick, we have to bring it down to Earth. Alex believes in prescribing the best solution for the situation, which may be a Salt bath, a tough conversation with your partner, a manifestation list, or all of the above. During these unprecedented times, she can help guide you through difficulties you might be facing and help you better understand and become the best version of yourself. 

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