Youfoodz is spearheading the healthy food delivery movement

Healthy food delivery services have become a huge trend, and for good reason. Perfect for busy bees, they offer fresh food and a variety of meal plans, solving the inevitable dilemma of “what’s for dinner?”

But there is one food delivery service that stands out from the crowd: Youfoodz.
Youfoodz, which delivers breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks with little more than a click, gets everything right, from flavour to efficient delivery and no lock-in contracts, addressing many of the points competitors struggle with.
Here are five ways Youfoodz is spearheading the healthy food delivery movement.

5 ways Youfoodz gets healthy food delivery right

Youfoodz, healthy food delivery service, paleo

1. Expanding your culinary horizons with Paleo-inspired meal plans

The Paleo way of life has rapidly increased in popularity over the years, largely due to its myriad of health benefits and nutritionists singing it’s praises. With this in mind, Youfoodz have handpicked a few of their favourite meals that closely follow a Paleo diet and lifestyle for their seven-day plan. Focusing on fresh produce, free-range and grass-fed meats as well as unprocessed foods, this meal plan is designed to nourish your body from the inside, out.

Youfoodz, healthy food delivery service

2. Ordering is a breeze

Browse their online menu, add individual meals or pre-set meal plans to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout when you’re ready. They’ll do the rest.

Youfoodz, healthy food delivery service

3. Never eat frozen again

Promising that you’ll never eat frozen again, Youfoodz is a completely fresh meal delivery experience. Simply grab a delicious meal straight out of the fridge and eat it fresh, or chuck it in the microwave, throw it in the oven or toss it in a frypan – too easy!

Spaghetti Bolognese, Youfoodz, healthy food delivery

4. It’s nutritious and delicious food

Highlights on the menu (which is created and cooked by professional chefs and nutritionists) include the classic home-style Mama’s Healthy Spag Bol and the yummy pesto and pumpkin chicken salad. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can’t go past the rocky road protein balls – decadent without the guilt-factor.

Youfoodz, healthy food delivery service

5. No lock-in contracts

With no lock-in contracts, you have the freedom to place an order at your own leisure!

To see what else is on the menu this week visit

Youfoodz delivers to the following areas:


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Sunshine Coast





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