Winter Lip Care 101: How To Get Soft, Hydrated Lips While It's Cold Out

We're not letting you have dry, crackled skin this season.

winter lip care 101

Dry, scaly and sore lips can happen at any time of the year – regardless of the weather. So, it’s important to take care of the health of your lips. There are plenty of ways to do this. The best way is to invest in a good lip balm. A good lip balm can buffer your lip’s delicate skin from the various elements it is exposed to. Choose one that is high in emollients.

We’ve mentioned some other ways to take care of your lips, the benefits of using lip balms, and suggested two of the best lip balms to invest in below.

lip care 101
Image: Alana Mitchell

Lip Care 101 

There are factors outside and inside your body that leads to dry lips. Here are a few ways to prevent that from happening:

Drink Water: Among the many benefits of drinking water, is that hydration leads to healthier and less chapped lips.

Don’t Lick Your lips: Although this seems like an easy way to make your lips appear less dry, licking your lips is a terrible idea. Once the saliva dries, it actually takes away moisture from your skin. So, reach for a lip balm instead.

Use Indoor Humidifiers: These devices are great at providing the moisture of your skin and lips crave. You should turn them on at night so your skin can replenish as you sleep.

Don’t Bite or Peel Flaky Skin: Your lips have delicate skin; picking at it can make them bleed or hurt, slowing their healing and leading to more irritation.

Go to a Dermatologist: If you find that your lips constantly get chapped despite using good quality lip balms and following the tips above, you should consult a dermatologist. It could be the sign of an infection or some other illness. Don’t delay a situation that causes you problems.   

lip care 101
Image: Oscar Rodriguez

Benefits of Using Lip Balms

Lip balms are great ways to take care of the health of your lips. Here are a few of the benefits they provide:

Your Skin Will Heal Faster

Your lip’s skin is thinner than the skin around it. If you suffer from dry or chapped lips, use a lip balm that ensures that accounts for hydration and healing. This would be great for lips that are bleeding due to extreme dryness.

If you’ve experienced peeling or cracked lips, you know that they aren’t the most desirable sight. It can often be embarrassing to have chapped lips. Particularly during the winters, dry lips can also be a nuisance and really affect your facial appearance. So, using a lip balm can really help. Your dry lips will appear supple and retain moisture with the use of a lip balm. If you moisturize your lips daily, you are bound to retain a youthful and beautiful look.

Many lip balms these days have SPF in them. This means they will not only protect your lips from dryness but also from the harmful rays of the sun.

Although there are countless choices of lip balms in the market today, you should look for ones that specifically address the problems your lips are facing. We have mentioned two lip balms that tackle issues you might be concerned about – aging and lip damage. These balms are bound to leave you feeling better about your appearance and make you worry less about the health of your lips.

Some Lip Balms To Try

Image Skincare Ormedic Balance Lip Balm

This is a great choice of the balm as it provides nourishment and moisture to not only your lips but the skin around them.  It is particularly useful for aging skin as it helps treat wrinkles, fine lines, post-collagen injections and post-dermal filler injections. It is also beneficial for dehydrated and dry lips.

This lip balm uses the power of polypeptides in order to remove signs of aging around and on the lips. It enhances the color and plumpness of your lips, hence dramatically improving their appearance. The anti-aging ingredients it contains stimulate cell division and collagen production, not only brightening your lips but increasing the skin’s elasticity to reduce sagging and wrinkles. The following ingredients in this balm provide you with the benefits mentioned:

  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide – amino acids that promote collagen and elastin development
  • Avocado oil — a nutritional oil containing high levels of vitamin E and other essential fatty acids; a strong emollient oil
  • Vitamin E — a safe antioxidant that prevents free radical and environmental damage.

Overall, using this lip balm gives you a smoother and brighter complexion, with fewer wrinkles, less fine lines, and more vibrant and healthy lips.

lip care 101
Image: Image Skincare

Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm

This is a thick and rich balm that contains a concentration of aloe, vitamins, honey, tea tree, and essential oils. It helps even the driest and irritated lips. It produces fast results and is very popular among dermatologists, beauty professionals, and celebrities. This is a great choice as it is the ultimate defense for your lips – be it during winter or summer.

You can also use this lip balm as a base for your lipsticks, as it plumps up the lines on the lips and seals moisture in, extending lipstick wear time. Hence, this balm is great for not only repairing your damaged lips but making them appear healthier than before. 

Whatever product you do choose, apply it before putting on lipstick or lip gloss. To keep your lips protected daily, reapply the balm frequently – at least twice a day. To make it easier to remember, keep your balm with you on the go.

lip care 101
Image: Qtica

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