You Should Be Sleeping Naked. Here's Why.

Au naturel. Stripped. Naked. Unclad. Bare.
Whatever you like to call it, there is a divide when it comes to baring it all between the sheets. We grow up thinking the social norm is to dress when going to bed, alone or accompanied. It may be a question of personal comfort, or simply a force of habit, but all this unnecessary clothing could be doing more harm than good.
There are many studies revealing the benefits of sleeping in the nude, and we’ve unearthed a couple for you to consider next time you hit the pillow.

5 Reasons You Should Ditch The Clothes At Bedtime

Better sex life

This one’s a no brainer. There’s no way around it, skin on skin contact is a) a great way to cuddle at night and b) an easier way to transition from said cuddle, to, em, business. Skin on skin contact releases the feel good hormone oxytocin, meaning you’ll be more responsive to touch and more keen for physical intimacy. Plus, we all know it’s the best-prescribed medicine for a good night’s sleep. Am I right?

It’s better for you, down there

Keeping things locked in and tight at night may seem like the logical, hygienic option, but research shows the very opportunistic environment of moisture and warmth can make you prone to vaginal infections. Since bacteria thrive in that kind of closed off environment, letting your lady parts breathe at night reduces risks of fungal infection. Associate Research Scientist at the University of California, Nicole Prause told Medical Daily that ditching the panties at night would “reduce the ability of those (always-present) bacteria to overwhelm the normal healthy vaginal flora”.

It’s better for him, down there

It may have been okay for David Beckham, but tight, skin-hugging underwear for guys can run the risk of damaging the boys, if you know what we mean. Tight underwear can increase the temperature of the testicles, which can affect the quality of a man’s sperm and decrease his sperm count. Men’s Fitness reported a study by the National Institute o Child Health and Development and Stanford University that cited a 25% lower rate of damaged DNA in the sperm of guys who went commando at night. Looking for more natural ways to boost his sperm count? Try these. 

You’ll sleep better, look better, feel better

Studies on the relationship between insomnia and body temperature show that if our bodies are too warm, then they start to produce sweat as a means to cool down. This means that clothing can prevent us from regulating our body temperature, which can create a damp, uncomfortable environment to sleep in. Lisa Shives, MD over at the National Sleep Foundation agrees, stating; “your body temp progressively declines as you sleep, which is a natural tendency of the body, so being too warm with heavy PJ’s and blankets can disrupt that”. Thus, being too warm can affect the release of growth hormones and melatonin, hormones that are vital for anti-ageing. In other words, the stuff responsible for making your skin glow and your hair shine.

You’ll make healthier choices

We’re aware of the effects that poor sleep and stress have on our cravings. A good night’s sleep regulates your cortisol levels, the stress hormone that thinks it’s okay to invade the communal fridge at work and then empty that box of donuts. Better sleep equals better food choices in the long run.
Sleep is also an essential part of the recovery process and when working out, it can help you to get rid of that stubborn extra weightSleeping in the nude regulates all the necessary hormones required for a healthy, functional body and mind because there is less focus on cooling down the body, giving your body a chance to properly recover from the stresses of the day.

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