Sound Therapy: The Proven Way To Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Makes any lingering bedtime stress or anxiety go away with ease

sound healing
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As you grow older, you learn more and more about why is it harder to fall asleep as an adult. There are the stressors of the day on your mind and the tasks you have for tomorrow in your thoughts. It is that much more difficult to clear your mind and hit the hay. There are a bunch of recommendations on the internet for tips on getting a good night’s rest. From melatonin to turning off the light, there is a number of amazing ways you can increase the good night’s rest you can get. Another that we’ve been looking at is sound healing, according to Healthline, sound healing involves “therapy uses aspects of music to improve physical and emotional health and well-being. The person partakes in the experience with a practitioner. Music therapy may also involve: listening to music. singing along to the music.” 
We here at Amodrn have done some research to see how sound healing might help you fall asleep faster. It can also improve your sleep for the long haul. Keep reading for more!

sound healing
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What Are the Different Types of Sound Healing?

There are many different therapies that are and count as sound therapy, all with different benefits. Here are a few.

1) Guided Meditation

According to Healthline, “Guided meditation is a form of sound healing in which you meditate to voiced instruction, either in a session or class, or using a video or app. Meditation can involve chanting or repeating mantras or prayers.” The many benefits of guided meditation with sound therapy are the following: stress reduction, decreased anxiety and depression, improved memory, reduced blood pressure, pain reduction, lower cholesterol, and decreased risk of heart disease and stroke.

2) Neurologic Music Therapy

According to Healthline, “music therapy can reduce stress and promote relaxation. It’s been shown to be more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety levels before surgery. A study published in 2017 found that a 30-minute music therapy session combined with traditional care after spinal surgery reduced pain. Music therapy is administered by a credentialed provider who assesses the individual’s needs. Treatment involves creating, listening, singing, or moving to music. It’s used for physical rehab, pain management, and brain injuries.”

3) Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning fork therapy involves using a specially made, calibrated tuning fork. It uses vibration healing in all parts of your body. This also releases tension, energy, and can make you less stressed for the long haul. It may also help relieve muscle and joint pain.

4) Brainwave Entertainment

Binaural beats or brainwave entertainment activate the brain. This method, according to Healthline, “also stimulates the brain into a specific state using pulsing sound to encourage your brain waves to align to the frequency of the beat. It’s supposed to help induce enhanced focus, entranced state, relaxation, and sleep. “ So how does this all collaborate with helping the way you sleep?

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Sound Therapy and Sleep

In the simplest terms, sound therapy can also work wonders in getting you to sleep by lowering your BPM. Making any lingering bedtime stress or anxiety go away with ease. According to MySoundTherapy, “most insomnia is caused by stress, so when our stress is reduced by sound therapy, we naturally sleep better. Listeners usually notice an improvement in their sleep even on the first night. Insomnia is caused by excessive cortical excitation that cannot be stopped. Sound Therapy cuts mind chatter and allows the mind to move naturally into the slower rhythms that lead to sleep.”
This means it helps in two ways. One, it assists your brain in ‘turning off’ and going into a state of calm and relaxation. This allows it more energy to replenish the way your body works in order to function. It also assists in giving your mind a task to focus on before bed. By working another part of your bain, you reduce the activity in the other parts of your brain as well.
While you’re here, check out this article on sleep and how it may lead to more weight loss. 
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