Why Postnatal Meal Services Are The Nourishing Lifeline You Need As A New Mum

Forget the stalk and the baby, bring on the organic food delivery!

Motherhood, it’s likely the most beautiful thing you will ever experience, yet there’s no sugar-coating the fact those first six to twelve weeks are potentially the hardest experience you will endure in your life.
Well, aside from childbirth… which science recently confirmed is just as tough and traumatic on the body as running a marathon (or any endurance event), yet the reality is that despite this, once a new mamma survives the birth, the recovery factor tends to fall to the wayside.
Between feeding, burping, washing and generally tending to the bub, new mums tend to miss out or neglect their own self-care, nutrition and healing time—which let’s be honest—if you were doing an endurance event, would be a non-negotiable part of post-race recovery.

meal services
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So what’s a mum to do? One word—outsource. 
Thanks to the rise of doulas and meal delivery services, there’s a whole new niche catering for the sleep-deprived, shower-deprived mammas out there that offers nourishing postnatal meals right to the doorstep, leaving time and attention for the more important things (aka doting on your newborn).
A Godsend of sorts, postnatal meal services are already fast sweeping America and Australia, helping mothers find their feet, while healing their body and minimising stress and energy stores too.
In the US, Twenty-Five Eight created by Erica Mock offers a beautiful multi-service meal delivery concept, offering nourishing home-cooked meals for every stage of motherhood—prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal—while being organic, gluten-free and dairy-free and infused with love.
As a mother herself, Mock gets it. “Without nourishment, we cannot sustain the long nights and endless days of nurturing our beautiful children.”

meal services
Image: @twenty_five_eight

When new mammas opt for a Twenty-Five Eight meal, not only can you be assured its healthy and made with love, but in ordering it, the act itself can become a form of self-care and mums can feel they are taking small steps to heal themselves from the inside out.

“My aim is to empower every woman to intuitively trust what her body guides her to eat…and from my experience, these nourishing meals are what made me feel whole again,” says Mock. 
“In my months of struggling with breastfeeding coupled with sleepless nights, nourishment was what I looked forward to the most. With each bite of the intentionally made meals, I slowly began to feel restored.”

Mock believes as a new mum, knowing the meals feel symbolic of the support, love, and nourishment they need, it helps nurture mammas and sets them up physically and mentally to sustain the long nights and endless days.

meal services
Image: @twenty_five_eight

Self-care aside, rumour has it they taste so good that it’s hard to wean mammas off them even after the first year… with a GOOP review stating: ‘We’ve been known to place orders long after the postpartum period.”
With mouth-watering meals like ‘Grilled watermelon flatbread with pastured pork bacon,’ ‘Pink citrus overnight oats with cashew yoghurt’ and ‘Vegan cauliflower gnocchi and butternut thyme sauce’ along with treats like ‘Paleo cookie bites,’ we’re sold.
Plus, needless to say… if it’s good enough for the Wellness Guru Gwyneth, then it’s definitely good enough for us! 
So, whether you’re planning to conceive, pregnant or got your hands full with a newborn, take a moment to nurture yourselves mammas and jump onto Twenty-Five Eight to order a range of nourishing meals for your every wholefood craving.
Note: For those in LA or OC, shipping is free and outside of LA, it’s only $10, but #soworthit!

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