Why New York Pilates is the go-to studio in NYC

The Big Apple’s go-to resistance-based studio for a challenging, yet fun reformer class.

If you’re tired of the endless burpees at bootcamp, then maybe it’s time to suprise your body with a little TLC. We know it’s good to always keep your body guessing, so why not try Pilates – it’s the stress-free, low impact total body workout that promises to tighten and tone where you need it the most. The beauty of it lies in its accessibility; being ageless, and genderless, you can make it as challenging as you want without it being punishing.
Enter New York Pilates – the Big Apple’s go-to resistance-based studio for a challenging, yet fun reformer class. The brainchild of Pilates guru Heather Andersen, New York Pilates prides itself on a simple and effective method. Their qualified instructors have a background in movement and dance, and each present a unique and fun style to their workouts. Their aim is to help build a long, strong, lean physique that supports any activity. By focusing on strengthening and elongating rather than bulking, not to mention seriously working on your core and back muscles, it could the backbone to any active workout. New York Pilates sees your body as a temple, and they cater to everyones needs and activity levels.
As for the interior, one can expect bright, open plan studios with chic hardwood floors, exposed beans and floor to ceiling mirrors. You’ll be relaxed and ready to stretch and strengthen as soon as you enter this stylish, minimalist space.
With two convenient locations, group or private classes, along with an extensive schedule of classes all day everyday, there’s something to please everyone.

New York Pilates


25 Howard St New York, New York 10013

64 West 3rd St New York, New York 10012

Website: www.newyorkpilates.com

Instagram: @newyorkpilates 

New York Pilates, Pilates, NYC

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