Why CBD Is The Latest Remedy Athletes Swear By For Muscle Soreness & Fitness Recovery

And it's as easy as eating a protein bar!

Passionate about your physical wellbeing but tend to push the limits when it comes to fitness?
Perhaps it’s time to get re-familiarised with the cult product causing a stir in the wellness market… CBD oil.
CBD tends to have a rep as a primary stress relieving product, thanks to its non-psychoactive cannabinoids and anti-inflammatory properties, but did you know it’s big for fitness recovery too?
According to Beam —US-based CBD company— it can also help boost athletic performance and post-workout recovery, a fact backed by science too! A study published in the Frontiers in Neurology Journal found CBD supplementation can not only reduce fatigue and pain but improve mobility too.

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Founders of Beam Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran are former athletes who have trained in Ironman triathlons, CrossFit competitions and played professional sport and believe CBD is the one thing that’s helped bring their bodies back into balance after ongoing pain, stress and sleepless nights as a result of their active lifestyles.
“To put it plainly, CBD changed our lives. Throughout the years, we had searched everywhere for a natural remedy for our ailments but that still met our wellness standards—natural, non-toxic, and high-performing… then we were introduced to CBD. We saw firsthand how it reduced our inflammation and eased our pain, plus, we slept better, were less anxious and had more energy.”
While CBD tends to be associated as the cult product of stressed out corporates and highly anxious people and in need of a quick zen solution, CBD can be just as much a tonic for the overly energetic and active crowd too.
Image: @beam

Beam, unlike other CBD brands that promote calm vibes only, aim to empower people to push their limits and pursue their passions by improving their physical and mental state. 
Which means, whether you’re an athlete or entrepreneur, busy parent, or weekend warrior, CBD can be a vital tonic for every personality—especially for the avid fitness fans.
So, how does it work if you’re looking to soothe or combat dreaded DOMS? It’s as easy as choosing what works for you! Read on for easy ways to incorporate CBD into your recovery regime!

3 Ways To Recover Quickly With CBD

1. Fuel up

Swap your generic protein bar for a plant-based CBD infused bar post-workout instead. Beam’s bars not only have 14 grams of protein but have all the anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing properties of CBD and come in delicious flavours like coconut and vanilla and cacao.

Image: @beam

2. Take a tincture

Overactive endorphins distracting you from sleep? Just a few drops of Beam’s ‘The One tincture on the tongue will allow you to get calm, relax muscles and bring on all the zzzs. 

Image: @beam

3. Soothe it with a salve

Achy muscles stopping you from seizing the day or winding down at night? Try Beam’s The Fixer,’ a salve that will soothe muscle soreness thanks to its beautiful blend of lavender oil, cbd and eucalyptus.

Image: @beam

Visit www.beamtlc.com for more!

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