Why Alo Yoga's AloMoves Is The Only Exercise App We Use

alo yoga best exercise app alo moves

You probably know by now that Alo Yoga is the leading authority on all things athleisure, but what if we told you they also have an incredible, nay, perfect tablet, mobile, and desktop application for yoga on the go as well? We’d like to introduce you to AloMoves, Alo Yoga’s unique app for your exercise journey, where ever you may go in the world.
Alo’s amazing video platform plays a very important role in helping Alo Yoga achieve its mission of spreading the practice of yoga worldwide. Their superstar yogis (all part of the Alo Yoga family) are some of the most inspiring and well-trained yoga teachers in the world. They’re constantly working together and collaborating to create new classes. As Alo says, “will transform your mind, body, and spirit in a way that helps you reach your personal goals of getting stronger inside and out”.

alo yoga alomoves best exercise app
Image: Alo Yoga

How The App Works

Alo Yoga’s AloMoves is only $20 per month, the price of a single yoga class and 1/5 of the price of most memberships to yoga studios in the United States. If you’d like to be billed annually, the price becomes $17 per month. They have thousands of videos ready for you to choose from. Everything you need, from workshop-level yoga series to single classes you can do if you’re short on time. You design your yoga practice the way you want. In the mood for power yoga? They’ve got that. Trying to work on your headstand? Do a quick workshop course. Meditation your thing? There’s even a series for you to mentally align and destress.
If you’re on the go, don’t stress, the AloMoves platform is available on three platforms – phone, tablet, and web. Don’t stress about repetitiveness either. New classes and workshop series always in the works, daily. You’ll never run out of options. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your membership here today!

alo yoga alomoves best exercise app
Image: Alo Yoga

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