Want Whiter Teeth? Activated Charcoal Is Being Hailed As A Natural Alternative

It's sourced from 100% organic coconut shells.

Activated charcoal has made quite a name for itself in the wellness world. It’s made its way into all sorts of different health foods and drinks (charcoal ice cream, anyone?) thanks to its powerful detoxifying properties and is now even a popular ingredient used in skincare and oral health products due to its ability to help draw out nasties.

activated charcoal ice cream
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Although you’d be forgiven for thinking activated charcoal is ‘just another fad’, using charcoal for many different health and aesthetic purposes (including teeth whitening) has in fact, been around for centuries.

 The Romans used it for combatting intestinal problems and mouth odours and it was later used by ancient Phoenicians and Hindus in water purification and as part of their beauty routine.

carbon coco activated charcoal teeth whitener
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Aussie brand, Carbon Coco, utilises this substance rich in Ayurvedic history as the key ingredient in their natural oral health range. Carbon Coco’s activated charcoal is sourced from 100% organic coconut shells and milled into the finest of powders to ensure it’s non-abrasive and safe for your teeth and gums.
It’s also important to note here that not all charcoal is created equal and it can actually be harmful to your body. Here’s what you should be looking out for when selecting charcoal in your oral health care products:
1. Always check you’re using a medical grade, finely milled activated charcoal on your teeth.
2. Use a specialised toothbrush with very soft bristles so that it’s gentle on your teeth and gums without harming your enamel and gums.

What do dentists say?

Dentists usually have their own teeth whitening treatments they recommend in their clinics, however many do support this at-home natural whitening alternative. Practicing dentist Dr Steven Lin states “using activated charcoal on your teeth is effective in absorbing plaque and other compounds that stain teeth”.

activated charcoal oral health
Image: @carboncoco

The main culprit in teeth staining are called tannins; an organic compound found in dark coloured foods and drink such as tea and red wine—and activated charcoal is super effective at attracting tannins and eliminating them.
Carbon Coco’s impressive range of products include activated charcoal tooth polish, a newly released alcohol-free, antibacterial mouth rinse, oil pulling sachets, flosser, tongue cleaner and bamboo toothbrush for all your healthcare needs.
Visit www.carboncoco.com for more.

This is a paid article by Carbon Coco

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