Which Anti-Ageing Ingredients Actually Work?

The experts weigh in.

Unfortunately, even the best concoctions out there won’t turn back the clock instantaneously. However, using products that harness the best preventative ageing ingredients can certainly help keep skin looking fresh and smooth. But which ingredients can we actually trust to deliver results?
We spoke to Lisa Sullivan and Kaye Scott, co-directors of Sydney’s premier non-surgical cosmetic clinic, (aptly named) ‘The Clinic‘, to get their opinion on which anti-aging ingredients are worth the hype.
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6 Anti-Ageing Ingredients You Should Be Using Right Now

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, anti-ageing, skin, beauty, Obagi
“Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is excellent for fighting free radicals, which can be detrimental to tissue health and can diminish the synthesis of collagen,” says Sullivan.
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Vitamin A

Vitamin A, anti-ageing, skin, beauty
“Vitamin A works to improve pigment by reducing redness. It also exfoliates and will optimise the skin’s UV protection, making it a powerful anti-ageing tool,” says Sullivan.
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Peptides, anti-ageing, skin, beauty
“Peptides are small proteins that help to contribute to the firming and smoothing of your skin,” says Sullivan.
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Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn, anti-ageing, skin, beauty, The Clinic
“Sea Buckthorn works to hydrate skin and help boost the skin’s elasticity. It also reduces redness associated with rosacea,” says Sullivan.
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Tyrosinase Inhibitors

Tyrosinase Inhibitors, anti-ageing, skin, beauty
“Tyrosinase Inhibitors are known to help with pigmentation problems, making it a great ingredient to look out for if you’re struggling with uneven skin tone, darkness and spots,” says Sullivan.
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SPF, sunscreen, anti-ageing, skin, beauty
“A good SPF is crucial in any anti-ageing ageing regime. The Aspect Envirostat Dry Touch Sunscreen contains both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties, while Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, which helps prevent free-radical damage,” says Scott.
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Keep in mind…

At the end of the day, there isn’t ‘one’ ingredient for anti-aging. It’s about utilising a combination of products and ingredients in a regime for the effective pursuit of results, says Lisa Sullivan.

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