Your Personality Type is Probably Not What You Think It Is

Because of the way society has changed, there are some newer terms you can use if you don't see yourself as one or the other. Find out inside!

personality type
Image: Gemma Chua Tran via Unsplash

Do you find it hard to connect with the term “introvert” or “extrovert”? Sometimes, you feel like both. You might even feel like neither. It’s hard to classify where and when you feel outgoing or shy, all situations are different! A lot of the time, you fall somewhere in the middle. According to MBG, the terms were “popularized by famed psychiatrist Carl Jung in the early 1900s. At first, this framework differentiated individuals who had a propensity for alone time (introverts) from those who preferred to socialize (extroverts).” Because of the way that culture and society have changed, there are some newer terms you can use if you don’t see yourself as one or the other. Keep reading to determine if you’re an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in the middle!

personality type
Image: Gemma Chau Tran via Unsplash


Introverts are those that like to spend time alone and that is a little shyer than most in social situations. They might tend to avoid parties or speaking and presenting. They feel the most comfortable when they turning their attention inwards. They like to be artistic, creative, and maybe even engage in thoughtful activities like helping others.



An ambivert is a person who is in between both an introvert and an extrovert. Their mood depends entirely on how they’re feeling. Almost all of us are this personality type to some extent, but we fall to one side of the spectrum. Makes sense, right?


The last personality type is an echoist. This is the type of person that is seen as exemplary. They go above and beyond for others, including helping many. But they often do not have their own voice and prefer to have others act in their interest or speak on their behalf.

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