Multiple Studies On Why You Should Be Having Sex During Your Pregnancy

Including the best sex positions.

Pregnancy sex
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We’re all adults here, and it’s no secret that getting pregnant is basically a miraculous, wonderful way of showing the world “we had sex!”

So while we all know how you end up pregnant, we definitely talk less about how to handle sexy time whilst you are pregnant. There are definitely some misconceptions around it, so we thought we’d clear some of those up. Here’s what you need to know about having sex during pregnancy.

It’s safe

…For most people. A lot of the conversation around sex during pregnancy pertains to the misconception that it can harm the baby whilst they’re in utero.

Thet thing that people seem to worry about is that sex can cause miscarriage or induce preterm labour—but once again, there’s no evidence to support this. In fact, in this study, Mills followed 10,981 singleton low-risk pregnancies and found no increase in the frequency of preterm labour in women who abstained from sex compared with those having sex.  So unless you’ve been warned by a doctor or healthcare professional to abstain during pregnancy for high-risk reasons, (also sometimes recommended if the mother has placenta previa—where the cervix is completely blocked by the placenta), then rest assured that it’s perfectly fine to get jiggy. 

Interestingly, a North Carolina study found that sexual activity during weeks 29-36 of pregnancy does not increase women’s risk of delivering preterm, according to a survey of nearly 600 women. By contrast, the results suggest that women who are sexually active late in pregnancy are considerably less likely than pregnant women who are not sexually active to deliver before 37 weeks of gestation.

It’s a great way of connecting

Sex during pregnancy
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In case you missed it—a lot changes when you get pregnant. Aside from the physical changes, both parties are coming to terms with what their future looks like—as parents; and while it *should* be a time of closeness and connection, many women report feeling disconnected from their partner when they’re pregnant. Sex is a great way of bringing you both back together—although it doesn’t need to be full, penetrative sex. Kissing, touching and other forms of intimacy will also make a huge difference in how you see each other during this hugely transformative time!

There are big health benefits to be reaped

Turns out that alongside making you feel way more connected to your partner, there’s also a host of health benefits that a session of sex can serve up while you’re pregnant. These include burning calories (especially if you’re struggling to get enough exercise in—it can be a great little burst of activity!) and promoting better sleep—in fact, sleep researcher Dr Michelle Lastella told Adelaide Now that her study found that 64% of respondents slept better when sex involved an orgasm.

In addition to this, sex releases a whole heap of oxytocin—the feel-good hormone which can help alleviate common aches and pains that are often part and parcel of pregnancy. Also, new Danish research suggests that a special protein, which has been found in the man’s sperm can have a positive impact on the risk of developing pre-eclampsia. The protein, HLA-G, is also thought to help regulate the body’s immune system

It *might* be the best sex of your life

Sex during pregnancy
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They’re absolutely raging when you’re pregnant—so it’s no surprise that surging hormones can send your sex drive higher than usual. (Although the unfortunate flip side to this is that it could plummet—everyone is different). Due to all the extra blood flow to your vulva, your senses are heightened so you could experience more intense orgasms.

Position is key

According to the Bump, the best sex positions for pregnancy are:

Spooning: “It’s comfortable, no one has to exert themselves too much, and deep penetration is difficult to achieve, which is good for your cervix if it’s sensitive!”

Standing up against the wall: “It puts no pressure on your bladder or uterus…making it an especially good option for women in their third trimester.”

Reverse cowgirl: “It can provide pressure against your G-spot, which can create a different and more intense orgasmic response.”

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