What You Need To Know About Getting Your Aura Read

It can help you realise which areas in your life need work!

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You—yes, even you—non-spiritual sceptic person, have a distinctive, electromagnetic energy field that surrounds you, known as your aura. The aura consists of seven layers, also known as auric bodies. These are the physical, etheric, vital, astral, lower mental, higher mental and spiritual, and each one has its own seven chakras, which vibrate at different rates depending on how close the layer is to the body.

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It’s this generated energy that lets you know when someone is creeping up on you, or when you get an overwhelming sense that something is ‘off’, without being able to put your finger on what it is. Auras are heavily associated with different colours and each of the chakras. Getting your aura read will capture which colour (or colours) yours is, and can help you to identify which areas of your life you need to work on in order to achieve inner calm and serenity.

When getting your aura read, the psychic will reference colours that each suggest something different. Here’s what each of the colours mean:

Red aura

Red is closely related to root chakra, which represents our foundation and provides a sense of physical and emotional grounding. Deep red tends to represent strength of will and a realistic nature, while muddy red is associated with anger and violence. Orangey red represents confidence and creativity, while a pinky red indicates a sensual, tender and compassionate nature.

Orange aura

An orange aura (or orange within your aura—remember you can be many different colours at once) tends to relate to the emotions and physical health; particularly the reproductive organs and how a person’s emotions are bound to that part of the body. Orange represents ambition, vitality, courageousness and sexual energy.

Green aura

A green aura reading relates to the heart chakra, which is all about love, compassion and beauty. It usually represents growth, a sense of balance and renewal, and a bright, emerald green colour indicates a love-centred person who helps others heal from emotional distress.

Green ain’t always good though—as we well know from the saying ‘green with envy’. A dark, murky green tends to represent someone who is insecure, jealous, resentful and with a victim mentality. It also shows a lack of self-esteem and sensitivity to criticism.

Yellow aura

Those with yellow auras tend to be operating from their sacral chakra. This means that they are creative, carefree and with a cup-half-full mentality. They’re also thought to be highly intelligent and intuitive—with a pale yellow indicating emerging psychic abilities!

Blue aura

The colour blue is heavily linked to the throat chakra, which rules communication and how well you express yourself. A soft blue is thought to indicate open, honest communication, whilst a muddied blue represents a fear of self expression and speaking the truth.

Indigo aura

Linked to the third eye, an indigo coloured aura is found in people who are deeply influenced by their mind’s eye. They tend to be intuitive, sensitive and able to feel very deeply.

Silver aura

Silver auras are indicative of abundance, both physical and spiritual. Bright silver represents an open, awakened mind and financial security, whereas metallic silver shows that someone is receptive to new ideas.

Dark, muddy grey suggests an accumulation of fear, with a potential for health problems if there are clusters of grey in specific areas of the body.

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