If You're Not Already Eating These Foods For Clear Skin, Add Them To Your List

Think; all the healthy fats and antioxidants!

foods to eat for clear skin
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Not too long ago, we chatted to Anna Mitsios, naturopath and founder of Edible Beauty about the benefits of natural skincare for acne-prone skin. She helped debunk the myth that natural skincare products aren’t “strong enough” to help tackle breakouts and took us through the ingredients you need to look for when choosing the right one for you.
But alongside a good quality skincare regime, other lifestyle improvements are critical to clearing your complexion, says Anna. Here, she shares what you should be focusing on when it comes to beauty from the inside out:


Antioxidants work to protect the body against damage both on the inside and outside. Top antioxidant-rich foods include maqui (in powder form; it’s awesome in smoothies), kiwi, kakadu plum, greens (especially broccoli and kale) and berries.

Healthy fats

Essential fatty acids are a key component of the skin’s intercellular matrix. Incorporating omega-rich foods like avocados, flax and walnuts into your daily diet help to lock in moisture to keep your skin firm, plump and supple.

edible beauty food to eat for your skin
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Liver health

Making sure the body is ridding itself of toxins and free radicals is the key to combating hormonal acne and stopping the break down of collagen. Load up on dandelion, cruciferous veggies, turmeric and lemons. Sipping on dandelion root tea or green tea is also a great support.

Vitamin A and C

Eating a vitamin-rich diet can actually slow down the ageing process. Sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, papaya and carrots are great sources of beta carotene, the precursor to vitamin A.


Adequate protein levels ensure you have the building blocks for optimal collagen production and skin repair. Amino acids are the main building blocks to collagen production so this makes sense. Fill your plate with plant-based sources such as hemp seeds, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

edible beauty clear skin
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Drink more H20:

Aim to guzzle at least 2 litres of water daily. Skin cells respond very well to extra hydration and you will be surprised at the increase in plumpness and skin luminosity you will see when your body is adequately hydrated. You can add lemon juice and chlorophyll to improve hydration. Non-caffeinated, herbal tea is another great option. Reduce your sodium intake to ensure that your body is being utilised most effectively.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep ensures that your cortisol production is kept in check and that insulin levels do not spike along with a rise in cortisol. Insulin spikes are associated with increased oil production which is why you may be more prone to experiencing breakouts when you are not getting enough sleep. Sleeping also ensures that your skin is given the time to repair and regenerate on a daily basis.

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