What To Do In Your 20s To Maximise Fertility Later In Life

Simple, small changes you can start making now.

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Even if you don’t necessarily want to be pregnant right now but have plans for the future, it’s worth laying the groundwork for your fertility in your twenties. With conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and amenorrhea on the rise, many women are realising that you simply can’t take your ability to conceive for granted. Here are some simple lifestyle changes you can make (or at least start thinking about) which can not supercharge your fertility for later on in life but provide you with other general health benefits as well! 

Take control of your contraceptive choices

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ICYMI, taking the contraceptive pill isn’t as straight forward a choice as it used to be. Although it’s still a pretty effective method (boasting a 99% success rate—although this is highly dependent on whether you take it properly and are aware of things that can compromise its efficacy), we’re slowly wising up to the havoc that sustained usage can have on the natural state of our endocrine system.

Plus, what was once used as pure and simple contraception, has quickly become a quick-fix for a multitude of other hormonal problems like acne, PCOS and endometriosis. But the problem is, the pill doesn’t fix these conditions—it simply masks the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

As always, we suggest discussing your options with your healthcare professional and remember that everyone is different. Although there is a common idea that one might have trouble falling pregnant as a result of longterm Pill use, in some cases, the effects of the Pill won’t inhibit pregnancy at all.

Eat for hormonal health

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Unsurprisingly, diet and lifestyle can have massive repercussions on someone’s ability to fall pregnant. Making sure you eat plenty of fats, dark leafy greens, wild, cold-water, low-mercury fish such as salmon, sardines and herring, plus low GI carbs such as sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa is great for maximising fertility, while avoiding sugar, processed foods and excessive caffeine will also stand your body in much better stead.

Eating for your cycle is a great way to ensure your body is getting the right micronutrients at the right times to carry out all the important endocrine functions, like ovulation and menstruation—without which, pregnancy cannot occur.

Check your stress levels and adrenal function

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While some stress is inevitable, excess amounts can not only make you completely miserable but also negatively impact your fertility. Long-term chronic stress can have disastrous consequences for your cortisol levels, your entire endocrine system as a whole and can also lead to adrenal fatigue.

Learning how to manage stress, in whatever way works for you, is crucial for maximising your fertility. Getting pregnant can be stressful enough in itself, so getting your stress levels under control well in advance is essential.

Look at endocrine disruptors in the home

how to boost fertility
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Luckily, non-toxic prods have been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, ‘cause switching from chemical-laden products in your home, your bathroom, your bedroom (lookin’ at you, mattresses) and your personal care products is a crucial step in supercharging your fertility.

The bio-accumulative effect of these harmful toxins on your endocrine system means that once they’re in your system, they stay there, which increases free radical damage and makes you more vulnerable to fertility and health problems.

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