tantric yoga
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What Is Tantric Yoga and What Are Its Benefits?

Get more in tune with your body.

Have you ever heard of tantric yoga? If you have, it may have had something to do with sex. That is tantric sex, a practice that combines spirituality and sex. Tantric yoga is a little different. This is about pleasure and learning to become more in tune with your body. According to MBG, tantric yoga originates in India, Tibet, and other parts of Asia. It’s all about reaching enlightenment through connecting with your energy. It is super great for your health and makes you feel fantastic. As well as put your mind at ease! We did some research on tantric yoga and its benefits. Keep reading for more!

tantric yoga
Image: Oksana Tran via Unsplash

What is Tantric Yoga?

Yoga is a practice that brings through the practice of meditation. To move through yoga positions or asanas is to quiet the mind for this purpose. But you’re moving! When you practice tantra yoga, you will have to quiet everything that’s going on in your mind or mentally. This will lead you to dissolve any mental or physical barriers to your journey of healing and enlightenment. It is simply about being, not thinking. There is no music in tantra yoga either. It’s all about the silence, no distractions. There is also no physical end goal, no reason to do a position better after a few sessions or a year of practice. If you feel pleasure, according to MBG, this is good and you should lean into it. This can be done in accordance with a sexual tantric practice as well.

How to Do Tantra Practice

Tantra is all about you, so take your practice into your own hands. Have a passion for doing this to discover yourself. The practice of yoga in general is about finding yourself and your true self. The one without the ego, the one who experiences all that it can, and the one who enjoys pleasure fully. This practice is about connecting with yourself! Spiritual liberation if you will.

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