This New Recipe App Requires Zero Trips to the Grocery Store

Recipeas, the intuitive recipe app, will take everything in your fridge and turn it into deliciousness, all while donating to charity.

recipeas app
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What to cook, what to eat? We constantly have moments where we look through our fridge and think of a recipe to cook, but stop short of missing the ingredients necessary to make that delicious dish. What if we told you there was an app that could give you many suggestions for everything you have, without going to the grocery store. Today, Recipeas, the intuitive recipe app that tells you what to cook with ingredients you have on hand, today announced the launch of their mobile app. By applying sophisticated probabilistic techniques, Recipeas aggregates the best recipes from leading websites and blogs, curated to the specific ingredients found in users’ kitchens, and for each in-app donation, Recipeas gives proceeds to a local food bank.
With consumers cooking from home more than ever before, the best new recipe search app makes it easier than ever to find delicious, interesting recipes users can make without having to plan an elaborate meal. Recipeas first asks users about a few key ingredients that they are likely to have based on initial probability, and displays curated recipe results that they are likely able to make. With each use, Recipeas gets smarter, remembering what ingredients users select, and intuitively referencing decay rate to track when they expire or run out. Hand curated by food lovers, new searchable recipes are added daily. “The app came out of a personal need,” said Nate McGuire, Founder of Recipeas and Partner at Mayven Studios.
“Given the current climate, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut with your cooking, and I wanted to create something that would open up a new world of recipes, without a trip to the grocery store. Recipeas is not only a source of inspiration and information, but a response to the times. Never have we needed innovation such as this as we do now, and my hope is that Recipeas will offer consumers an alternative to going outside, and a reason to stay home.,” Nate continues.
“Recipeas is also a means of giving back. My great-grandmother helped start a food bank in Northern California, and she inspired me to incorporate a donation program as a cornerstone to the app. The app is free to download, and users can donate directly through the app with proceeds going directly to food banks across California; an initiative which is growing exponentially, thanks to our quickly expanding user base.” You can download Recipeas here. We interviewed Nate on the app, his favorite recipes, and how he hopes to revolutionize this good space. Keep reading for more!

recipeas app
Image via Recipeas

1) How did you come up with the concept for Recipeas?

I love to cook and feed people, so at this point, I’ve tried every recipe app there was. It got to the point where I was tired of finding recipes that looked amazing. But they required all of these ingredients I didn’t have. I’ve wanted an app that wouldn’t require so much planning and precision just to make dinner. When the pandemic hit, it became clear that while we’re all limiting trips to the grocery store, we needed an alternative that was smart enough to know what we already had, and offer up recipes using just those ingredients.

2) How does the app source recipe ideas?

There’s actually a human touch! All the recipes on Recipeas are hand-curated by a team of passionate food lovers. New searchable recipes are added daily from your favorite food blogs and recipe sites. We currently have over 2,000 recipes live and are ramping that up significantly.

3) What is your favorite/feature part of Recipeas?

This is such a tough question – that’s like asking me what I love most about my dog! My favorite feature is how intuitive it is. Once I say I don’t have an ingredient, it knows not to show me recipes with that ingredient. It sounds simple, but as I’m scrolling through recipes and considering what to make for dinner, it’s comforting to know that everything I see is actually something I could create from what I already have.

4) Tell us more about how you’ll be donating to charity using the app?

We’ll be donating all proceeds from Recipeas’ in-app purchases to an organization called Frontline Foods, which is dedicated to raising funds from the community to support local restaurants, and feed the heroes who are working on the frontlines.  Donations from the app will go also directly to support their work feeding frontline workers through this crisis. Beyond COVID-19, we’re planning to open this donation to food pantry organizations across the country.

5) Favorite recipe?

It’s so crazy to say, but I don’t have a favorite recipe per se. I like to work with what I have. Be a bit of a mad scientist with what I find in my fridge at the moment! That said, I do love a good pasta arrabbiata. Also, I could really go for balsamic glazed pork tenderloin with brown sugar and asparagus right now … is that too specific?

6) What’s next for Recipeas?

I’m really inspired by the shift to video recipes across digital platforms. I’m excited to integrate more of that type of content into Recipeas in the near future. Even something as simple as a GIF can help bring a recipe to life. However, I’m planning a larger influencer push. We’ll partner with content creators who specialize in this work to help build out that arm of the platform. I also have big plans for our give-backs down the line. This will help make Recipeas a place where people can go to support those in need.
recipeas app
Image via Recipeas
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