mom burnout
Image: Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

What Are The Symptoms Of “Mom Burnout” And How Can You Fix It?

If you're feeling tired or overwhelmed, here's what you can do to stop it.

Being a mother is tough work and we all know it. As a new mother that gave birth a little over a year ago, I feel it constantly. It’s so worth it to raise and love our little ones, but sometimes the mom burnout is real. You’re constantly tired, but you’re laying the foundation for a healthy life for your little baby. Do you feel like you’re running on empty sometimes? When it comes to having a baby, feelings of being overwhelmed or tired do happy. However, if you’re feeling too overwhelmed, you may have mom burnout. We’ve gone ahead and researched what this may exactly mean when it comes to your health and how to get through these symptoms. Keep reading for more on mom burnout.

mom burnout
Image: Dragos Gontariu via Unsplash

What Is Mom Burnout?

According to, mom burnout is when a stressful lifestyle can put people under extreme pressure, to the point that they feel exhausted, empty, and unable to cope with what is happening to them. Mothers are typically made to be superheroes. But sometimes the pressure may be a lot for many to handle. When you feel emotionally and physically depleted, it can have a large effect on how you feel and act around your child and your family.

mom burnout
Image: Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

What Are The Symptoms Of Mom Burnout?

The symptoms of burnout can be different from person to person, but stress is generally what can trigger some of these symptoms.

  • Exhaustion
  • Loss of interest
  • Short temper
  • Resentment towards the baby, partner, and others around you
  • Withdrawing from others
  • Changes in appetite
  • Feeling like you need a break constantly
mom burnout
Image Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

What To Do If You Have Mom Burnout

If you’re feeling like you have mom burnout, the best thing to do is reach out for support. It can be important to talk to a therapist about how you’re feeling. “Mom burnout” can feel a lot like depression and anxiety, so a therapist may be able to help you out. The second thing you can do is ask for help. Talk to your partner, your family, and your friends to see if you can get a little breakaway. You may want to also confide in your close family or friends about your feelings. Lastly, you may want to try and find time to have a break. We know this may be super tough to do with a new baby, but maybe instead of doing housework while the baby is asleep, watch a little TV or have a bath. We want you to feel safe, calm and energized.

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