Here Are the Telltale Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

It's said to be one soul split into two bodies, experiencing different lifetimes at once.

twin flame
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Have you ever had an undeniable, strong connection with another human being? You’re so similar, it’s even shocking to you when it happens. You feel like you almost mirror each other, in the most uncanny way. You could be experiencing meeting your “twin flame”. This type of connection is thought to be one soul split into two bodies, experiencing different lifetimes at once. What exactly is a twin flame and how does it differ from a soulmate? We’ve outlined some of the ways they’re separate and how you should know if you’ve met them. Keep reading for more!

twin flame
Image: Renate Vanaga via Unsplash

Twin Flame Versus Soulmate

Your twin flame and you might have a very, very close and intense connection. According to MBG, they are “thought to be a person’s other half. It’s based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies. One of the main characteristics of this relationship is that it will be both challenging and healing. This is due to the mirroring nature of a twin flame; they show you your deepest insecurities, fears, and shadows. But they also help you overcome them and vice versa — your twin flame will be equally affected by you.” A soulmate is a little different.

Soulmates are not you, but you could be from the same family of souls. You can feel close and do very well together, but you aren’t the same person. You’re fundamentally different in many ways and have agreed to be partners in some way or another, even romantically. But you can do romance, friendship, or love with your twin flame or soulmate! It’s whatever your soul has contracted to do for itself in this lifetime. Do you know if you’ve met your twin flame or soulmate?

twin flame
Image: Vince Fleming via Unsplash

Stages You Go Through When You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

1) Expect an instant, intense connection

Most of the time, your twin flame and you are romantically connected. You’ve made a plan to meet up and get together in some way or another, and when it finally happens, expect the heat to be off the charts. You probably will not be able to keep your hands off of each other. It’s like the honeymoon phase in marriage when you two meet. Expect crazy fireworks and an instantaneous feeling of peace.

2) Your love will be put to the test

You might feel as if you are beginning to have challenges with your twin flame, ones that may be hard to get through. Attachment issues may arise, your emotions might get the best of you, you could even want to spend some time apart. There will be a push and pull, but you will enjoy the chase. It is part of your attraction to each other.

3) Feeling amazing and whole

When you finally work through all of your issues together, you might feel as though you feel safe, secure, and like you are home. You will have the support you’ve always wanted and feel oh so loved.

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