saturn return
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What Is the Significance of Your Own Saturn Return?

In astrology, there comes a point in time in which you go through a certain milestone, for better or for worse.

In astrology, there comes a point in time in which you go through a certain milestone, for better or for worse. The Saturn Return marks a milestone in your life, it is when the planet Saturn returns to you around your 30th birthday. This is a time when you must fully transition into adulthood. It is the letting go of your youthful years and the choosing of a path in life. What will the path be for you? Saturn is the planet of growing up, the Cosmic Taskmaster if you will. When should you expect your Saturn Return and learn what to do with it? Keep reading for more about your own Saturn Return!

saturn return
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What Is a Saturn Return?

Your Return is when the cosmos align and the planet Saturn comes back to meet your own natal Saturn. It takes close to 29.5 years for Saturn, a slow-moving planet, to return to where it was when you were firstborn. You might start to feel this feeling when you are in your late twenties. It can continue into your early thirties. There is a second Saturn return when you are 57 – 60 years old, and a third about thirty years after that as well. What is it calling for is for you to grow up and choose your life path? If you have spent time focusing on your youth and thinking it will never end, there has now come a time for it to become reality. You must start to pick a foundation for your life, one that can guide you on your next path.

Your Return might also make you feel a little sad or depressed. Saturn is the planet of change and this is all meant to lead you towards healing and a foundation of self. You need to learn to accept things and let go of what is not working in your life. When you hold onto things, suffering starts. You must learn to let go of things and accept them as they are and will be. Our culture has made this burden a little heavier, ensuring that we feel bad if we don’t accomplish all of these things by age 30 of your first Saturn Return.


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