We're launching our own wellness directory

Eat, sip, sweat and indulge. Now is your chance to get featured.

Amodrn wellness directory, health and fitness directoryGone are the days of the yellow and white pages (the what!?). We have set up a one-stop destination where you can find the best hotspots in the wellness world at the click of your mouse.
Like all of us, Mr. Google is our best friend when it comes to finding the latest and greatest cafes, fitness studios, beauticians, retreats and the like. But what if we told you that we’ve created a directory that houses all of our favourites places to eat, sip, sweat and indulge?
Yes, our wellness directory will be an A-Z guide to beauty, fitness and health, retreats, pets and food and drink, Australia-wide. From locals looking for a new foodie haunt (or even a PT) to travellers exploring Australia for the first time, we have you covered. Moreover, you’ll be able to select tags like paleo, Pilates and pet-friendly to find places that suit your lifestyle.
And it doesn’t stop there. If you’re a business owner, you can get in on the action and list your business yourself.

How to:

Visit www.amodrn.com/wellness-directory/ 

Click “Add Listing”

Fill out the relevant details, including some cool pics to give people an idea of what to expect.

Your list will be submitted for approval by Team Amodrn, and hopefully you’ll see your business up on the directory shortly after. It’s that simple.

But want to know the best part? We’re offering the first 2 months complimentary (starting when the directory goes live), so you can see if it is right for your business.

However, if you’re not a business owner and simply want to check it out (we don’t blame you) keep your eyes peeled as the directory will go live in a few weeks!


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