We Spent A Day Detoxing At Clean Market—And We've Never Felt Better

Infrared sauna, cryotherapy, and more: self-care at it's finest.

we tried out detox destination clean market
Image: Clean Market

Imagine if we told you that every self-care ritual you wanted to experience was available to you under one roof? That’s right, a single destination where your wellness goals are met and exceeded. We here at Amodrn have found it, and it’s called Clean Market. Situated in NYC’s luxurious Upper East Side, the safe haven provides a getaway to busy New Yorkers who are itching for a little break. You can stop by and experience one or all of the market’s incredible offerings (cryotherapy, infrared sauna, a cocktail of IV drips, wellness café, etc.). Clean Market also offers the ability to shop an incredible assortment of clean and curated items that range across categories such as beauty, food, medicine, and more.
We spoke to founder Lily Kunin all about the modern wellness destination and even took a journey to the healthy utopia to try it out for ourselves. Keep reading below to find out more!

we tried out detox destination clean market
Image: Clean Market

Why and how was Clean Market created?

Clean Market is a one-stop-shop for all things wellness; our goal is to inspire people to incorporate healthy habits into everyday life. To connect our community with products and services designed to elevate health and overall wellbeing.

I wanted to deliver this in a calming, intelligent, and feel-good environment. The result is an oasis in the heart of the city with truly everything under one roof – from medical-grade supplements to organic smoothies and salads, non-toxic skincare, and the innovative wellness services including IV drips, infrared saunas, and cryotherapy.

What services does Clean Market offer?

Clean Market has infrared saunas, cryotherapy (whole-body, facial, and localized),  even a Nutridrip IV drip lounge. There are also add-on treatments such as Normatec compression therapy and LightStim facials, along with retail, and an organic cafe.

we tried out detox destination clean market
Image: Lily Kunin, Clean Market

What’s your favorite thing on the menu at Clean Market and why?

Right now my favorite item on the menu is the Scary Spice Latte (SSL), which we just launched as our version of the PSL.  It’s delicious chai with Butterfly Blue Pea Flower, a traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal plant, cold-pressed ginger juice, chai, oat milk, and local honey. It also has brain-boosting benefits so it’s great for an afternoon to pick me up.

What is your favorite service at Clean Market and why?

My favorite service at Clean Market is the NutriCleanse IV drip. It does wonders for recovery – whether it be from travel, an illness, hangover (holiday season is right around the corner!), lack of sleep or just a rough week. It’s easy to fit them into my normal routine since I plug away on my computer while getting a drip in the NutriDrip lounge.

we tried out detox destination clean market
Image: Clean Market

What is different about your product range and why?

We bring everything under one roof – we have products you might typically find at the grocery store, your doctor’s office, a beauty store, etc. Every product is meticulously vetted and tested so you know it is the best of the best. Not only non-toxic but also effective.

What do you hope people get out of visiting Clean Market?

I hope people walk out feeling better than whether they walked in. Whatever your goal is. Whether it’s to increase energy, boost immunity, recover from a tough workout, fuel with delicious, clean food, or to relax. I hope we can support you in reaching your wellness goals by helping you return to feeling incredible.

Our Experience At Clean Market

Stepping into Clean Market is an experience in and of itself. CM screams warmness and ambiance. Similarly, the staff of Clean Market reflects that same vibe as well, they are nothing short of inviting. On my schedule are a solo session in the infrared sauna, a Cleanse IV (detox, refresh, antioxidant push), and whole-body cryotherapy.
At Clean Market, your sauna is your own. You’re offered your own individual room that comes equipped with water, a robe, slippers, towel, a remote to control your sauna’s light (different light caters to your mood and what sort of detox you’d like), as well as an auxiliary cable that allows you to play your own music. Personally, I played some house music, switched between blue, red, and purple lights, and had my own mini rave while the heat-blasted my toxins away.

we tried out detox destination clean market
Image: Clean Market

Why Clean Market Caters To You

When it came time for my IV, I was hooked up again, in my own private room. The room had a television, my own nurse, and around-the-clock monitoring to make sure that everything was working properly. In my opinion, Clean Market’s associates go above and beyond to make you feel extra comfortable. This pretty much doubles the extreme relaxation you experience there. Next on the menu is the experience of cryotherapy and it’s not as terrible as you think. With a Clean Market employee monitoring you, you can pick a high energy track to play (or run in place to if you’re me) while you brave the cold for two and a half minutes.
Ironically, the word I would use to describe how the feeling of being at CM was “clean”. Not only on the outside. I feel like I was beaming and glowing from within. Stepping outside, I immediately felt a difference. The weight of the city this time around was combatted by this sense of being serene. This was enough to get me to power through my busy and daunting to-do list I was so dreading doing. If you’re able to pop in, even for just one treatment, I would definitely recommend doing so. There’s an oasis promising self-care 2.0 that’s definitely worth a journey into the city.
Visit Clean Market’s website here. While you’re here, check out 15 high-vibe wellness products that help us refresh and reset

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