7 simple ways to make your bedroom sleep-friendly

More sleep AND more sex? Yes please.

Anyone can have trouble falling asleep from time to time. But the question is: what can you do to get those quality ZZZs, besides exercising regularly, keeping a consistent bedtime, and going easy on the caffeine?
Perhaps it’s time to take a look at your bedroom décor. After all, your boudoir should be your own sanctuary for relaxation and rest. Ahead, you’ll find seven tips that’ll leave your bedroom so dreamy you’ll drift off in no time at all.

7 simple ways to make your bedroom sleep-friendly

Invest in a comfortable mattress and pillow

Nothing disrupts a good night’s sleep like a lumpy, thin mattress. In fact, sleeping on a supportive, comfortable mattress can help lower your stress levels, improve your allergy symptoms, and make for a better night’s sleep, according to The Huffington Post.

Choose colours wisely

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Did you know that the colours in your room could not only affect your sleep, but also your sex life? Yes, that’s right. A study conducted by Travelodge found that couples who sleep in a bedroom decorated in caramel shades make love on average three times per week. In addition to caramel, soft shades of blue, yellow, green, grey and off-white are linked to calm, soothing feelings so they’ll help you drift off faster.

Find your ideal bedroom temperature

“I’m too hot under the doona, but too cold without it.” We’ve all been there, that dilemma of trying to find the ideal bedroom temperature. Fortunately, research has shown that to get quality shut-eye, the body has an internal temperature level that it needs to reach, and the ideal room temperature to help the body achieve this is around 65°F (this equates to approximately 18°C).

Surround yourself with sleep-inducing scents

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Scents like lavender, jasmine and vanilla are known to get you in the mood for sleep. Why not try a room diffuser, aromatherapy mist or add a few drops of essential oil to a tissue and place it under your pillow. Hello sweet dreams.

Make your bedroom a technology-free zone

Technology (including that pesky blue light) is known to overstimulate the brain, making it harder for you to switch off and unwind. So despite our love affair with Netflix, the sole purpose of your bedroom should be to sleep (or ahem, other vigorous activities) so keep iPhones, laptops, televisions and tablets far away.

Pay attention to lighting

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Lighting in the bedroom should be restful, romantic, and functional. Dark bedrooms are great for a restful night’s sleep, but too little light hinders you from doing much else. Look for softer colour bulbs that’ll allow enough lighting for reading and getting dressed without being too overpowering.

Reduce noises

While you can’t stop the next-door neighbour’s dog from barking in the middle of the night, you can reduce noise in the bedroom. Heavy curtains or blinds will help, but if you’re not a fan of dead silence try a white noise machine.

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