Track your water intake with this smart water bottle

Water is simply two parts Hydrogen, one part Oxygen. It makes up two-thirds of the human body weight and is essential to our daily wellbeing. But like most people I know, I am often guilty of forgetting to drink enough of it.
Recently, a friend introduced me to a new kind of water bottle. Called the Seed, this Moikit bottle ensures that you consume enough water by giving you a nudge when your body is due for a hydration boost. It also has the ability to follow your daily water consumption to ensure you’re on track to hit that daily goal. An accessory that could cultivate healthier habits with the help of technology? I was intrigued.
The Seed comes with a lid that features an LED touchscreen display. When tapped, it shows the real-time water temperature. When twisted, it reveals a percentage of how much you have consumed so far. How this is achieved is through a sensor placed in its cap that utilises Moikit’s Air Elastic technology, which measures the volume of air left in the bottle. After some time has passed, the cap vibrates and displays a reminder on its screen.
There is also a Moikit app that comes free on both the Android and iOS, which integrates with your phone via Bluetooth to other wellness aids like Apple’s Healthkit or the Jawbone. By combining information about your weight and activity level, this cutting-edge water bottle will tailor a schedule to accurately track your drinking habits and set reminder notifications. This is made possible by Seed’s built-in water consumption algorithms that compute the body’s needs according to the data input – genius!
Lightweight and made of Japanese stainless steel, the bottle’s vacuum insulation can retain the temperature of a cold beverage for up to 24 hours, and a hot one for up to 12. It can also alert you of dangerously high temperatures, or if the water has become stale.
Available on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the bottle will make its debut come February, in three sizes and 12 colours.
Seed water bottle
seed smart water bottle, water

Image via Tech Insider

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