Tips For Buying Lingerie For Yourself If You're A Newbie

tips for buying lingerie
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Buying lingerie has to be one of the most confusing and daunting tasks, ever. And seeing as though Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we thought we’d source some last minute pointers to help you on your way (and yes, it’s totally acceptable to buy lingerie for yourself, after all — no one knows you better than you).
Here, Kirstie Clements, ex-Vogue editor and co-founder of Porte-à-Vie (a luxury destination for designer lingerie and intimate accessories) shares with us her top tips on selecting the right lingerie that will have you looking as good as you’ll feel.
There’ll be no complaints from your significant other, either!

What advice do you have for women looking for the perfect lingerie leading up to Valentine’s Day?

This is a time that you may want to surprise your partner and opt for something a little sexier than your everyday bra and briefs. This does not mean you have to go too far out of your comfort zone though. If you want the full ensemble, with push up bra, suspenders, stockings and high heels, then go for it. But a subtle set of lacy lingerie, or a beautiful slip can be just as tantalizing. Hopefully it will end up on the bedroom floor!

For those who have never bought lingerie for themselves before, what are your top tips in finding the best to suit your body?

Have fun with trying new styles and remember that what the size says on the label is irrelevant. Lingerie sizing is different for every brand, so go by measurements and not labels. You want to find something you love, and that fits YOU like a glove. You don’t have to fit into a prescribed size — if you need to go up a size so be it. If you feel comfortable, you will feel sexy.
There are tricks that will enhance your body type — high waisted pants flatten a tummy, bodysuits put the focus on the bust and smooth the hips, bralettes add a lacy extra if you have an a or b cup. And a stretch lace slip is a girl’s best friend.

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For those who may lack confidence to wear specific lingerie styles, what is your advice to them?

Experiment! Just like breaking any habit, it is worth lashing out on colour if you’ve always stuck to neutrals, or trying a thong if you’ve always opted for Bridget Jones style undies. Luxury lingerie doesn’t need to be kept for best, or for special occasions. It feels wonderful to wear something silky or lacy everyday.

What are some key features to look out for when selecting the right one for you?

If the lingerie you are wearing is not comfortable, then you will not be showing off your assets at their best! Bras should lift the bosoms and fit well across the back; undies should sit flat and not pucker or dig into your flesh!
In terms of a bra, your cup size will determine whether you are a bralette girl, or you may need a little extra oomph with a push up style. Those with a bigger cup size may require underwire or a more structured style.
There are some essentials that will suit any body shape — stretch lace bodysuits and slips, silky robes, cheeky stretch lace hot pants (for those who don’t like a G-string) and sexy French stay-up stockings. The right one for you is whatever makes you feel confident and alluring.

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