Tiffiny Hall shares her favourite workout for stronger, leaner arms

No equipment required.

Tiffiny Hall, arm workout, toned arms, boxing, martial arts

It’s that time of year again Down Under. It’s time to retire our statement sweatshirts and track pants and uncover our limbs.
Luckily, Tiffiny Hall, Australian TV personality, expert trainer, and Sixth Dan Black Belt Master Instructor, has shared her ultimate martial arts-inspired arm workout. Add these moves to your regular workout routine, and we guarantee you’ll be itching to rock that sleeveless top.

Ready for long, toned arms? This will help get you there, and bust some stress out, too!. You don’t need any gear for this one, in fact, I prefer to do it without anything, but you could use a skipping rope, boxing bag, and speedball if you have them – Tiffiny Hall.

Speed skipping

Speed skipping, Tiffiny Hall, martial arts, arm workout
Time: 30 seconds
No rope? No problems! With or without a rope, skipping will help get your heart rate up, your blood pumping and your body ready to go. Keep those arms moving around for added burn. Once you come around again, this doubles as your active recovery – no rest for the wicked!

Tiff’s boxing combo (double jab, cross, hook, uppercut, uppercut)

Boxing combo, martial arts, Tiffiny Hall
Time: 20 seconds
You can do this into a pillow at home, boxing bag at a gym or shadow box in a mirror (show you who’s boss!). Keep your guard up, stay light on your feet, and really put some power into your punches.

Speed bag

Speed bag, boxing, martial arts, Tiffiny Hall, arm workout
Time: 20 seconds
This will really burn out your arms, the challenge is to keep your elbows nice and high. Just keep rolling your hands over each other, pushing through your imaginary speedball with the top hand. POW!

Jab, cross punches

Tiffiny Hall, arm workout
Time: 30 seconds
It’s the ol’ one-two! You can make this one a bit trickier with some hand weights if you’re up for the challenge. Remember to roll your shoulders through the movement to get your abs involved.

Uppercuts non-stop

Uppercuts, boxing, Tiffiny Hall, martial arts, arm workout
Time: 20 seconds
You want to be driving your fists up through head height, tucking your elbows in, and staying as light on your feet as you can. Get down low, and go go go!
Total circuit time: 2 minutes
Repeat circuit five times
When the burn comes (and boy it will!) remember this – you can do ANYTHING for 10 seconds!

If you liked this workout, check out Tiffiny’s new online training and lifestyle program, TIFFXO.


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