This one move works your lower abs, obliques and arms

Be prepared to feel the burn.

Be prepared, this workout is a challenge, but definitely worth it if you’re looking to tone your lower abs and achieve that elusive v-line shape. By utilising your external obliques, triceps, buttocks and forearm muscle, this workout will help create that lusted-after torso definition.
The secret to this move, which is also known as the Vasisthasana in yoga, is balance. I’m the first to admit that sometimes this is easier said than done, but we’ve all got to start somewhere. If you do happen to fall over (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!), just have a laugh and get right back up.

Please consult a fitness or medical professional if you have injuries or any queries about this movement. 

The “V” workout

Kirsty Godso and Bianca Cheah | Location 98 Riley Street Gym
  1. Shift onto the outside edge of your right foot, and stack your left foot on top of the right (*Make sure that the supporting hand isn’t directly below your shoulder; position the hand slightly in front of your shoulder)
  2. Strengthen the thighs, and press through the heels toward the floor. Align your entire body into one long diagonal line from the heels to the crown.
  3. Stretch the top arm toward the ceiling, parallel to the line of the shoulders. Keep the head in a neutral position, or turn it to gaze up at the top hand.
  4. Slowly reach the top arm and glide it under your rib cage then pull it slowly back up again to the top.
  5. Repeat 10 times and then start on the next side.
TOP TIP: Remember to breath and use your core muscles to move your hand up and down.

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