This Is The Ultimate Do-It-All Camera For World Travellers

Say hello to the GoPro Fusion 360.


Ever been away in a foreign destination and been completely overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds? There’s SO much happening in every direction, you’d get whiplash trying to capture everything! If only there was a way you could capture all the excitement, without missing it IRL (or getting a crook neck). Well, thanks to the new GoPro Fusion 360 Camera, you can!
The Fusion captures everything and misses nothing, shooting immersive 5.2K, 360-spherical photos and videos and unlocking unique perspectives and visual effects that just aren’t possible with traditional single-lens cameras. Built-in stabilization ensures super smooth content every time — meaning, no shaky, amateur-esque footage! Despite the game-changing new feature, the Fusion 360 camera is a GoPro through and through, in that it’s designed to withstand any shooting environment and engineered to capture stunning video and photos.
The camera links up with the new Mobile OverCapture editing app for iOS devices. It allows users to reshoot their 360 video moments again and again, from infinite perspectives. It also makes the transition from capturing and editing footage, allowing users to control the Fusion camera, live preview shots, and stitch, trim and share content right from their iOS device. Oh, and it also allows you to re-frame and save traditional fixed-perspective videos “punched out” from the large 360-degree video.  You can check out how it all works the video below:

Whether you’re an aspiring YouTuber or just want to capture all those amazing holiday memories, The GoPro Fusion 360 is the ultimate essential for world travellers. It retails for $1099.99 and is now available in  Australia, New Zealand, North America, UK and EU from Want something a little more basic to begin with? No worries! GoPro have recently dropped the prices on some of their other cameras. The HERO6 is now priced at $699.99, HERO5 Black at $499.99 and HERO5 Session at $329.99.
You can learn more about GoPro here.

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