Nike launches new shoe that'll make your run easier

We took the brand new Nike Free RN Flyknit for a test run and these babies did not disappoint.

nike free flyknit

Running can help improve your health, your energy levels, your mood and, we hear, your libido. Despite this, sometimes it seems easier to catch up on the latest season of Game of Thrones than to don your sneakers and hit the pavement or make time for that butt-burning spin class (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). But what if we told you that a new (and super innovative) sneaker could help make your run easier?

Say hello to Nike’s newest additions to its Free footwear family – Nike Free RN, Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit, Nike Free RN Flyknit and Nike Free RN Distance.

Featuring a progressive geometric auxetic midsole, which is designed to mimic how the body and foot react to force, the new styles will take your running to the next level.

But want to know the best part?

According to Nike’s brainy researchers, the foot expands a whopping two widths and one length during every stride, so this unique midsole works to not only absorb shock, but also accounts for the expansion in foot size (goodbye dreaded blisters from too-tight sneakers!) Additionally, the multi-directional outsole flexibility closely mimics this changing shape, whether you’re moving linearly in running or multi-directionally. As a result, your foot, rather than the shoe, is in control.

With this in mind, we took the Nike Free RN Flyknit for a test run (pun intended) and these babies did not disappoint.

For starters, they’re incredibly light, dynamic and flexible. During your run, you can actually feel how the midsole move and shift with your body and feet, providing that barefoot-esque feel that allows your foot to run the way it’s meant to. Every foot is different, so it was great to finally try a shoe that really moves with you. And thanks to Nike’s chic-yet-functional Flyknit material and soft foam, they’re not only comfortable with an incredible sock-like fit, but oh so stylish, too. What’s not to love?

Shop the all new Nike Free RN Flyknit ⇒ here

Nike Free RN Flyknit, Bianca Cheah, purple running shoeNike Free RN Flyknit, Bianca Cheah, purple running shoeNike Free RN Flyknit, Bianca Cheah, purple running shoeNike Free RN Flyknit, Bianca Cheah, purple running shoe

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