This Hilarious SNL Skit Perfectly Sums Up What We *Actually* Do In Our Leggings

It's SO relatable!

There’s no doubt that activewear brands like Nike engineer their products to a quality that is suitable for elite athletes. That’s why their ads are always a montage of very fit people doing very impressive, athletic things in slow mo. But have you ever watched one of their epic ads while sitting on your lounge wearing Nike leggings and eating corn chips and thought ‘yeah girl, same’? Us too.
Although buying new activewear is a surefire way to motivate us to hit the gym, the reality is that we wear them to do so much more. Heading out to brunch with the girls? Leggings. Running some errands? Just chuck on some leggings. Watching Netflix and eating takeaway? Why would you want to wear anything other than leggings? It’s not our fault they’re so damn comfy!
It would appear the team over at Saturday Night Live are on our side of the ‘leggings are pants’ debate, as they’ve just aired a ridiculously funny skit about this exact thing. The beyond accurate video takes shape as a faux Nike commercial, where a narrator describes the Nike “Pro-Chiller Legging,” She explains that they’re designed “for endurance—but used for what most women actually do in leggings: setting up shop on their couch.”
Between showing the leggings more athletic uses, the ever hilarious Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant depict what we really use them for. That is, chilling in a face mask, greeting the food delivery guy and moving from the couch to bed to other side of couch.” The video is pretty much the most accurate representation we’ve seen of women who like to stay active, but also like to “just  sit the hell down and chill in soft pants.” Aka. us. You can check out the video in all its hilarity below.

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