This Fat-Blasting Diet Is Like Keto For People Who Can't Give Up Carbs

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We recently wrote about how like peanut butter and banana, the keto diet and intermittent fasting are two things that work best when paired together. In case you need a refresher, combining a low-carb, high-fat diet with periods of fasting is said to kickstart the ketosis process and help with appetite control. But you may be wondering how you go about putting the two together. Do you need to fast every day to reap the benefits? Because you’re fasting, does that mean you don’t have to keep your carbs as low? So many questions!
Thankfully, someone else has already done the groundwork and formulated a system around the best way to combine the two. YouTube star and celebrity trainer Thomas DeLauer spent years researching and experimenting on himself to find the most effect and evidence-based method for losing weight. After successfully shedding 50 kilos of fat, he created the Science-Based Six Pack Program.

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How does the Science-Based Six-Pack program work?

The 90-day fat loss program is broken down into three parts:

Phase 1: ‘The meta shift’—followers fast for three days per week. By ‘fasting’, they mean followers simply eat within an 8 hour period

Phase 2: ‘The meta burn’—You fast for four days instead of three (but the hours when you fast vs. eat stay the same)

Phase 3: ‘The meta keto’— You fast for five days per week, and the hours shift to 18 hours of fasting and only six hours of feasting. During this phase, you’ll increase your fat intake and decrease your carbohydrates so that your body becomes “fat-adapted” or ketogenic.
Delauer also recommends pairing your intermittent fasting with his 90-day ShredFast workout plan, which consists of a series of at-home workouts.
According to the program’s website, “the whole point of the Science-Based Six-Pack program is to open up a fasting window in which your body can target stored fat reserves instead of being busy digesting food all day long.” So, while you don’t have to stick to low carb, high-fat foods for the entire 90 day period, it works in a similar way to the ketogenic diet.
As well as Thomas’ impressive weight loss results, there are hundreds of positive reviews about the program. Which is hardly surprising, really—following a program like this is inevitably going to lead to reduced kilojoule consumption which (barring any metabolic issues), is going to lead to weight loss. However, as always, there’s no magic bullet for weight loss—it’s always simply about eating fewer kilojoules than you consume and there are various ways to do that. It’s simply about finding the method that’s going to fit into your lifestyle. However, if you do want to give the Science-Based Six-Pack program a go, you can grab it for $97 US here.

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