This bite-sized ab workout will get you feeling stronger

Just in time for bikini season. Well, if you're based in the Northern Hemisphere that is.

Looking to work your core? Then look no further. This is a great exercise to strengthen and tone your abs, and your arms and shoulders, too. When you move your hands away from your face, the core has to work overtime to stabilise. In turn, you will most definitely feel the burn (which I know you all secretely love).
On another note, I have recently relocated to the US and will be based in L.A. I am continuing my work as a Nike Master Trainer as well as pursuing other exciting training and work opportunities. Whilst NZ and Australia will always be home for me, I’m incredibly excited to experience some new challenges and to continue sharing my passion for health and wellbeing in a new territory.

How to do this ab workout:

Step 1

Start in a strong plank position – hands under shoulders, eye gaze at the fingertips, micro bend in the elbows, long flat back, tight core and feet hip width apart.

Step 2

Walk one hand out at a time maintaining a long flat back and good body positioning (using a mirror is key to check your technique in this exercise)

Step 3

Only walk your hands as far forward as you can maintain good body positioning. Once you hit your max, walk your hands back in to their starting position under your shoulders. Make sure you use a strong core brace to start walking your hands back in.

Step 4

Continue to walk your hands out and in for 1 minute at a steady pace switching the leading hand half way through. This drill is best mixed in with other drills in your training program so try and repeat it 3 times in a given session to really notice improvement.

My Top 3 Tips:

  • If you can’t keep good back positioning in this ab workout, start out on your knees and practice building up your strength from there. To make the exercise more challenging – try and walk your hands as far away as possible, decreasing the distance between your body and the floor.
  • If you feel imbalanced, try taking your feet a little wider apart to increase your base of stability.
  • Don’t forget to breathe during this exercise.
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