This Aussie State Is The Healthiest When It Comes To Takeaway Food

Is it yours?

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Image: Courtesy of Healthy Takeaway via Unsplash

Ordering food online used to be synonymous with greasy pizzas, heavy curries and MSG-loaded noodle dishes. But thanks to services like Deliveroo and UberEats now delivering from a wide range of restaurants (ie. not just fast food joints), ordering takeaway doesn’t necessarily have to mean going off the rails with your diet.
Here in Australia, we make 68 million online food orders each year—that’s 7000 every hour! But the good news is, according to data from Deliveroo, orders for healthy food through the platform are on the rise by 1500%!

But which state reigns supreme when it comes to making virtuous fast food choices? Is it Victoria, where foodies have some of the country’s best restaurants on their doorstep? Or sunny Queensland, where there’s a huge fitness culture? Or perhaps Western Australia, known for its superb seafood? Well, according to the research from Deliveroo, the healthiest state when it comes to online takeaway is… NSW!

vegan taekaway food
Image: Stephanie McCabe via Unsplash

Yep, the the east coast state took the crown for the most healthy food deliveries with QLD coming in a close second. Meanwhile, WA’s interest in health-conscious takeaway has increased by 51%.
Interestingly, the research also showed that there has been a 600% increase orders from vegan eateries since 2017. The study also showed that breakfast is the healthiest meal time for Aussies— hardly surprising when you consider we have a huge healthy brunch culture here, compared to how many other countries do breakfast.

This is how you brunch ☝🍳 #foodporn #brunch #yum #healthy #fresh #deliveroo

A post shared by Deliveroo (@deliveroo_au) on Jan 10, 2018 at 5:27pm PST

So, next time you feel guilty about ordering in—don’t. Just ask yourself, “Am I choosing the option that’s going to make me feel best afterward?” You can check out our guide to making healthy fast food choices here.
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