This Aussie Startup Has Created The World's First Vegan Watch

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When it comes to investing in a watch, there’s a few questions you need to ask yourself. Is it simple enough that it’s going to go with most of our your outfits? Is it comfortable enough that you can wear it every day? Is it timeless (all puns aside) enough that you’re still going to like it in 5 years time? But there’s another, very important factor you’ve probably never considered, but definitely should — is it cruelty-free?
Many of the watches on the market feature leather bands made from animal skin, often procured through cruel and unethical means. While cruelty-free alternatives for handbags and shoes have been popping up over the last few years, Melbourne couple Monique Medved and Marko Stevajna noticed a gap in the market for vegan watches. So, in March 2016, they set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the world’s first cruelty-free, vegan watch. Just 7 days into their campaign, they’d raised enough funds to bring their vision to life.

Less than a year later, the Time IV Change watch was born. The watch is made with vegan leather bands, made from recycled plastic bottles and microfiber bundles or pineapple leaf fibres. The face is created with recycled alumium cases, which takes 90% per cent less energy to produce than stainless steel. While the watches are a far more ethical and sustainable option, they look and feel just like genuine leather.

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Our edge is and always will be to stay at the forefront of the new innovative materials that are coming out that don’t involve the unnecessary exploitation of animals or people involved in the production as genuine leather and stainless steel.  For us, it’s also seeing how we can incorporate these new materials and processes into everyday wrist watches so people can see that it not only looks good and feels good but their purchase caused no harm to another living being or the environment.
-Monique Medved, co-founder of Time IV Change

Oh, and 10% of all Time IV Change’s purchases go to animal rights organisations, so you can really feel good about your new timepiece. Time IV Change have recently launched a new campaign on Kickstarter fundraising for new 36mm case watches. You can donate here or get your hands on one of their gorgeous watches here.

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