This Hotel Chain Has A Next Level Wellness Program For Your Healthy Vacay

Including green cocktails and boutique workouts!

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It’s that time of the year when we’re all trying to get back into a healthy routine after weeks (or months!) of festive overindulgence. But if you’re lucky enough to have a vacay booked in January, it’s the quickest way to get thrown off the bandwagon no sooner than you got back on. That’s unless you happen to be staying at a QT Hotel! As part of their ‘Well Well Well’ initiative, the Aussie hotel chain has partnered with local fitness, yoga and meditation studios to bring guests a seriously impressive wellness program.

qt hotels
Image: QT Hotels

The wellness add-ons vary from hotel to hotel, depending on what’s in the area. At QT Sydney in the CBD, you’ll get to experience a training session from 98 Riley in Hyde Park, a One Hot Yoga class, an 80s-style dance class at Retrosweat and a meditation class led by Luke McLeod. A Pilates session by One Hot Yoga and Retrosweat are also on the roster at the QT Bondi, as well as meditation with Soul Society and a training session with Built By Dylan.

At the QT Perth, you’ll get to channel your inner ninja with a Ninja Academy class, as well as a Xtend Barre class, boxing session at Anarchy Training Centre and Pilates at Heartbeat High. Over in Brisbane at QT Gold Coast you won’t have to venture far from the beach for an awesome workout—they’ve got a Vertex Training HIIT workout on the beach, and yoga on the Calypso Terrace. Meanwhile at QT Melbourne, Tribute Boxing will be running a HIIT/Boxing hybrid class and Kaya Health Club has a range of free classes on offer.

qt hotels sydney
Image: QT Hotels

You’ll also be able to sip healthy, green cocktails at each of the QT hotels, thanks to the Green Bars program. Think, the Cucumber Dill Collins cocktail including dill-infused Tanqueray Gin, fresh lime, cucumber juice is topped with sparkling water and the Green Machine Margarita, combining jalapeno-infused Espolon Tequila, kale juice and organic blue agave.
wellness qt
Image: QT Hotel

No matter your workout style or where in Australia you’re heading for your vacay (or staycay!), you’ll be able to stay on track with QT. The sessions are running from now until early February. You can learn more about the Well, Well, Well program here.

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