Sabo Skirt Co-Founder Gets Real About Her 23kg Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey

We chat to Thessy Kouzoukas about getting wedding-ready!

Image via Instagram user @thessy.k

Chances are you’re familiar with Thessy Kouzoukas, co-founder of Australian fashion empire, Sabo Skirt. After a longtime battle with stage 4 endometriosis, in 2017, Thessy had to have one ovary and both fallopian tubes removed. As a result, the now 29-year-old was told she wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally and that IVF would be her only option. After much heartache and many failed IVF attempts, her and fiancé Georgio Batsinilas were blessed with a gorgeous baby girl, Zani, in August 2018.
Throughout the course of her pregnancy, Thessy openly shares with her 143k followers that she experienced significant weight gain (mainly due to hormone injections)—and with her Greek Island wedding coming up in July, she was determined to get back to her lean 53kg self.
“I am not one of these women who ‘bounce back’ and look like I didn’t grow a human,” Thessy shared in an Instagram post back in February. “I gained 23kgs and every kilo I have to work my ass off to lose.”

Image via Instagram user @fitazfk

Thessy credits her unbelievable wed shred success to the FitazFK app (co-founded by fiancé Georgio) and has invited her online community to join in on the 8-week challenge with her, alongside making it her mission to inspire women around the world who are struggling with endo and worried about what it may mean for their fertility.
We wanted to catch up with Thessy herself ahead of the big day, and here, she shares all the deets about her current health and fitness routine—what she’s doing, what she’s eating and what changes she’ll be making closer to the date of her dream wedding

I’ve been following your journey on IG and can I just say you look AMAZING! What does your current training regime consist of?

Firstly thank you, To be honest, kind words like these go such a long way when someone is trying so hard to achieve a goal. Basically, I train for an hour a day. Normally I do a double workout from the FitazFK App (1 x strength workout and 1 x HIIT workout) and of recent I have changed to the 8-week guide where I do an LSD 30 min run/walk and a 28-minute workout from the guide. I do this 6 days a week on most weeks.

Image via Instagram user @thessy.k

What does your typical day on a plate look like?

At the moment I’m following FitazFK’s 8-week challenge. Below is my diet on most days during phase 2 of the FitazFK 8 Week Guide:
Breakfast: Chia pudding or 2 Weetbix with berries on almond milk
Morning tea: Yoghurt and a handful of berries
Lunch: Turkey breast lettuce tacos
Pre-training: Banana
Post-training: Nuts and a piece of fruit
Dinner: A Source of protein (beef, chicken, fish or pork) and a greek salad

Ultimate guilty pleasure?

Max Brenner Waffles, OMG so good! I am though looking forward to some crepes and waffles in Greece.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your training journey post-partum?

I have never trained this hard in my life. So this is new to me. Don’t get me wrong I did some exercise but more for my health where this is next level. I see my friends eating what they want and I just want that so that is also hard. Lastly running, I have never ever ever been able to run more than 500m. Now I’m almost at 3kms unbroken.

Image via Instagram user @thessy.k

Is there anything you’ll be doing differently closer to your wedding date in terms of fitness or nutrition?

I plan on going as hard as I can these last 4 weeks before I leave. I have one week from the date I arrive to the date of the wedding, so during this period, I plan to try and train at least 4 times and eat wisely without missing out on nights out.

What and who inspires you most when it comes to fitness?

My partner inspires me through his persistence and determination in helping me achieve my goals.

Image via Instagram user @thessy.k

What do you do on the days you’re lacking motivation or find it hard to exercise?

I have no choice. I constantly have Georgio in my ear. But in saying that I remember I have a goal and that goal is driving me at the moment.

What is one thing you’re most proud of throughout your journey thus far?

Breastfeeding. This experience was so hard for me. I had shooting pain in my right nipple that made the process very painful. I stuck it out though and expressed sometimes up to 10 x a day for 6 months.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received and want to pass on to your daughter?

“Your asset in life is not what you have, its what you give.”
Follow more of Thessy’s journey at @thessy.k.

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