these foods whiten teeth naturally
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These Four Superfoods Whiten Teeth Naturally

From carrots to strawberries.

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful AModrn readers! Now that the holiday wine stains have settled on your teeth, there’s no better time to think about how to get a whiter and healthier smile! Your dental health is not only important to your mouth but your body overall. The mouth can harbor tons of bacteria, so it’s important to keep and area clean and get routine check-ups twice per year. We’re excited to share these tips from Zahra Eram, founder of Eram Dental Health Clinic, on foods that clean your teeth, reduce plaque, and give a whiter appearance. Keep reading for more!
Image: Courtesy of Eram Dental Health Clinic

These Four Superfoods Whiten Teeth Naturally

1) Strawberries

This fruit helps to remove the coating on your teeth as it contains ascorbic acid. If you add a little strawberry to your toothbrush and then brush your teeth, you will find that your teeth get a fresher and whiter appearance.

2) Carrots

The orange vegetable does not remove discolored teeth or make them whiter in an instant, but the carrot helps to stimulate our saliva production, as you have to chew a lot on the hard vegetable. Saliva helps to neutralize enzymes and acids in the mouth that occur when you’re eating sugary foods. Therefore, it’s a good idea to eat a carrot every now and then to prevent damage to your teeth.

3) Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which helps neutralize the bacteria in the mouth and will help to whiten your teeth. Therefore, you can put coconut oil on your toothbrush if you want whiter teeth.

4) Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts are good for removing plaque on the teeth. In addition, they contain a lot of protein and calcium, which is good for both teeth and gums. By scrubbing your teeth with nuts or seeds, you remove the plaque and whiten your teeth.

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