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These Are the Many Benefits of Dancing with Jazzercise

It can make fitness way more enjoyable.

I don’t know if you know this about Jazzercise, but it is the OG dance cardio brand. Known as the iconic leading dance cardio brand, Jazzercise has cultivated a sense of confidence and community for women of all ages and sizes. Touting their biggest competitor as “the couch,” Jazzercise isn’t aimed at weight loss, but rather to be a fun way to make movement a habit, be a part of a community and improve quality of life. We’ve listed a few more reasons to love it below. Keep reading for more!

These Are the Many Benefits of Dancing with Jazzercise

1) It can make fitness more enjoyable  

Jazzercise Dance cardio is the perfect way to tone + tighten while brightening your mood. The classes increase your serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and all the feel-good chemicals. Their high-energy Dance Mixx class is their standard 45-minute dance cardio class choreographed to the latest hits –  it will leave you dripping and dazzling!

2) Jazzercise offers new ways to maximize your strength

Jazzercise isn’t just about dancing. The choreography is continuously updated to include the latest effective fitness methods + equipment like HIIT, Pilates, booty bands, and more. They offer a variety of in-studio classes and On Demand programming so you can vary your regimen based on your desired results.

3) Jazzercise is designed to maintain muscle 

Jazzercise incorporates resistance training into every single class. This regimen not only helps target and tighten muscle but is key to maintaining muscle mass and tone which boosts metabolism, increases bone density, and helps maintain an overall healthier body.

4) It is accessible to all

Created to make fitness accessible and fun for everyone, Jazzercise and it is On Demand platform offer a dance workout regimen for every fitness level and level of intensity, allowing you to do what feels good for your body.

5) It boosts the mind 

As you mentioned, dancing is a proven mood-booster and Jazzercise choreography combines dance moves to the latest hits and proven effective fitness methods and equipment for a fun workout. You won’t leave without a smile on your face!

6) Health is the priority

Dance cardio is a great way to get your heart pumping. It helps to boost blood circulation that kickstarts disease and infection-fighters throughout your body!

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