These Are The 5 Best Yoga Poses To Heal Your Acne

Bend your way to better skin.

Yoga Poses For Acne

When a new pimple (or five!) pops up, it can be tempting to hide under your doona until they dissapear—especially if it also happens to be that time of the month. But when breakouts strike, you may actually be better off rolling out your yoga mat than hibernating in your bedroom. According to the ancient Indian healing practice of Ayurveda, certain yoga poses can be used to help heal your acne. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, stress and pimples tend to go hand in hand and as we all know, yoga has a wonderful calming effect. Secondly, Ayurvedic practitioners believe that certain asanas have a detoxifying effect, which can help speed up the release of the toxins that can lead to breakouts. Plus, there’s the fact that yoga can assist in regulating hormonal balances. Read on for the 5 best yoga poses for acne.

1. Sun salutations

I bow to a practice that found me when I needed its wisdom and support most. A practice that has ushered me through my darkest days, and added depth to my most elevated experiences. A practice that demands my intention, integrity, presence, and allowing. A practice that pulled out all the shit I had hidden away, tucked into dark little corners, and threw it back in my face so that I could see every inch of it, know every hairy detail…and then let it go. I bow to growth, to connection, and to belonging. I’m so grateful that this is my path. Eternally grateful. ⠀ Happy #internationalyogaday day! I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to be teaching for @wanderlustfest in Vermont this weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you. ⠀ May all beings everywhere be happy and free. And may my thoughts, words, and actions promote peace in every way.

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In Ayurveda, sun salutations are considered to be one of the most detoxifying asanas—which can work absolute wonders for your skin.
Learn to do it here.

2. Rabbit Pose

It may not be one of the more commonly-practiced asanas, but rabbit pose is thought to stimulate the thyroid. This, in turn, can help balance the hormones and ward off breakouts.
Learn to do it here.

3. Cobra

Yoga Poses For Acne
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The cobra pose can help stimulate the facial muscles, which can help speed up the cell turnover process. The result? Clear, glowing skin!
Learn to do it here.

4. Spinal twists

Spinal twists like eagle pose have been linked to detoxifying the internal organs, such as the kidneys. When these organs aren’t functioning correctly it can lead to a range of issues, including hormonal imbalances and therefore, breakouts. Plus, spinal twists feel freakin’ amazing!
Learn to do it here.

5. Shoulder stand

This asana helps increase circulation to the face which again, can lead to increased cellular production.
Learn to do it here.
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