The top food trends we'll all be talking about in 2016

Put down the kale. Step away from the coconut water. We’ve rounded up the top food trends we’ll all be talking about in the year ahead.

2016 food trend predictions

Vegetable soup, food trends 2016

Vegetables are the new meat

With recent findings damning the likes of sausage and bacon, it seems meat may be taking a back seat on the plate this year to allow for the resurgence of the vegetable. A trend that’s been growing in recent years with the rise in juice cleanses and the Australian obsession with smashed avo on toast, there’s no denying that healthy is hip. 2016 will take it to the next level, with many restaurants upping their list of vego-friendly food. If you needed anymore proof, Sydney’s Gigi Pizzeria went completely animal-free in 2015, launching their all-vegan menu.

Cactus water, 2016 food trend

Goodbye coconut water. Hello cactus water. 

With a delicious fruity taste, less sugar and calories than coconut water, and many of the same health benefits, cactus water’s primed to reign supreme in 2016. Most notably, it’s a great source of electrolytes and minerals including potassium and magnesium. Plus, cactus water is also jam-packed with powerful antioxidants that helps keep skin looking youthful and radiant. Cheers to that!

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Seaweed, food trend 2016

The new superfood: seaweed 

Dubbed ‘a miracle food’ by The New Yorker, seaweed is renown for it’s nutrient profile and bountiful skin-care benefits. Come 2016 expect an array of Michelin-star chefs to be cooking with seaweed as a healthy and sustainable food option.

food trend 2016, cooking with bugs

Cooking with bugs

It might sound like the latest crazy-stunt eating trend, but many mainstream restaurants and prominent chefs, like Kylie Kwong and Matt Stone, are advocates for cooking with insects. “The reality is that insects provide a reliable, valuable, sustainable source of nutrition. They are a rich source of protein and arguably a more ethical source compared to more conventional sources,”  explains health and nutrition expert Scott Gooding.

Veggie Bowl, DOnna Hay

Food bowls are the next big thing 

Acai bowls were all the rage in 2015, but now bowls are branching out to lunch and dinner, too. This year, you’ll see food bowls popping up on restaurants menus left, right and centre. Think macro bowls, veggies bowls, poke (sushi-style) bowls and one of our personal favourites ramen bowls.

A Very Short Film About the Past, Present and Future of Noma from Rene Redzepi on Vimeo.

Pop-up mania 

Can’t afford to travel to one of the world’s best restaurants? Don’t worry, they’re coming to you. Two of the world’s most famous restaurants will kick off the year of the pop-up, with René Redzepi bringing Noma to Sydney for ten weeks (arguably one of the most hyped events on Sydney’s culinary calendar) and Spanish chef Albert Adrià beginning a London residency in February.

Images via iStock/ Donna Hay

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