The Top Five Vegan Cafes You Must Visit In Ubud, Bali

Delectable, delicious, and extremely healthy.

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Image: Alexandra Andersson

For any vegan or plant-based foodie, Ubud, Bali is a heavenly place to visit. This small town has become the epicenter of raw vegan restaurants and cafes in Bali over the past few years. It offers visitors an array of innovative and world class, nutritious plant based dishes that are delicious and beautifully presented for that perfect “insta-worthy” dining experience. To save you time, we put together a list of the top  5 vegan cafes you must visit in Ubud. 

1) Alchemy

alchemy bali raw food
Image: Alchemy Cafe
Alchemy Cafe is a beautiful open and modern space offering visitors a casual yet stylish place to enjoy their 100% raw food and juice bar menu. Alchemy has become one of Bali’s most famous conscious cafes. Some of the ‘must try’ dishes on the Alchemy menu include – the zucchini cannelloni filled with mushroom ragu, the Aloha Pizza made with a sun dried tomato crust and cashew cream “cheese”, and the Philadelphia Maki Nori sushi rolls filled with crispy veggies, cauliflower “rice”, papaya homemade pickles, cashew and dill creamy “cheese”. Expect to leave Alchemy feeling very healthy, happy and energized!

2) The Clean Cafe

vegan food bali
Image: Eat Away Blog
The Clean Cafe can be best described as a beautiful and calming oasis nestled within the busy tourist centre of Ubud. Entering the cafe is like entering a magical rainforest. The space is filled with tropical green plants, a waterfall feature and pond filled with magnificently colored fish peacefully swimming. This gives the restaurant a lovely tranquil and otherworldly vibe.
The plant based menu offers a selection of both vegetarian and vegan options. The falafel pita with vegan tzatziki and sweet potato fries are a great option if you are wanting a hearty filling lunch or dinner. The Coconut Wrap Bamboo Rolls filled will coconut jerky, avocado carrots and peppers or Suki Raw Suki rolls made with cucumber, sunflower seed paste, fresh daikon are basil are delicious options for a lighter meal. 

3) Zest

zest bali restaurant
Image: Zest
Zest is the perfect place for a long lunch or dinner with friends, the stunning decor is a mix of traditional Balinese architecture, modern art and cozy couches which make it perfect for a more social meal. The plant based menu is one of the more innovative and adventurous you will see in Ubud. You’ll definitely want to take your time reading through the list of dishes. Please don’t feel shy about asking your waiter if you get a bit confused about some of the options!
Zest dishes are based on many ingredients you may not have tried before such as taro, jackfruit, morinag, cassava and soursop (super sweet and sour local balinese superfood!). Chances are you will enjoy almost everything you order on the menu however a special mention must go to the coconut toast with 3 dips, the taro chips with smashed avocado, the keto kraut bowel and paprika salsa pizza with  corn, “nozarella cheeze”, coriander and lime. Yum!

4) Sayura Healing Cafe

sayuri healing food cafe
Image: Sayura Healing Cafe
Sayura Healing Cafe is a popular spot for Bali’s local community of yogis, wellness gurus,  and spiritual seekers to meet up. The cafe have a very communal and creative atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if the person seated at the table next to you spontaneous strikes up a conversation about astrology, the beauty of this morning’s sunrise or the last full moon. If you’re looking for a sweet treat in the form of raw vegan desserts and smoothies, look no further. The Banana Dream Pie, Double Chocolate Pie, Mint Chocolate Swirls and Chocolate Bounty Bar are deliciously indulgent, 100% plant-based vegan, and organically sourced ingredients.

5) Bella by Sage

italian vegan food
Image: Bella by Sage
Bella by Sage is a vegan Italian restaurant offering a variety of colorful, tasty and comforting dishes. This is the perfect place to go for your pizza and pasta fix! The mac and cheese, taro gnocchi and meat free spaghetti will not disappoint. Definitely save room for dessert! There are some heavenly sweet treat options here. The chocolate brownie or chocolate chip cookie are sensational and go perfectly with a lovely cup of herbal tea. You simply can’t go past Bella’s coconut cake covered in creamy coconut frosting and coconut flakes. As a matter of fact, this dessert melts in your mouth.
While you’re here, check out five of the most insta-worthy cafes in Seminyak, Bali. 

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