The Top 5 Best Spa And Wellness Getaways In Europe

Take a vacation where you can really unwind and relax.

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When you find yourself feeling stressed in your everyday life, be that from work or personal pressures, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and forget to take all-important time out for some essential self-care. Booking a holiday is always a great way to escape the worries of everyday life, and what could be more perfect than pairing your travels with a trip to a spa or wellness center, ready to indulge in total relaxation? Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, has formed a list of where you can find the most original and beautiful spas in Europe, ideal for treating yourself and your loved ones to the perfect getaway. Time to pack your bags and head to the best spa and wellness getaways!

The Top 5 Best Spa And Wellness Getaways In Europe

Aqua Dome, Austria

best spa and wellness getaways, aqua dome
Image: Aqua Dome

Skiing followed by a trip to the sauna… In Austria, the most popular country for skiers, many hotels and holiday rentals offer this service for their visitors. The combination sounds like an absolute paradise! Our top sauna recommendation is the Aqua Dome. An area of over 2000 square meters awaits you at the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, Tyrol. Here you can experience many spectacular saunas and on Friday evenings swim in the thermal pools under the moonlight. Romantic, isn’t it?

Löyly, Finland

top spa and wellness getaways. finland sauna
Image: Loyly Sauna

The Finnish are the inventors of the sauna, they even have one up in their Parliament House in Helsinki! With saunas considered as an integral part of Finnish culture, it is clear that this is the dream destination for this activity. Located on the Helsinki coast and offers a beautiful setting with saunas, a restaurant, solarium, an environment totally respectful of nature.

Sanduny Bath House, Russia

best spa and wellness getaways, aqua dome

It’s also cold in Russia? This is a well-known fact… maybe that’s why in this country the traditional sauna, the banya, reaches up to 100 degrees at least. Sauna means heat for your body and tranquillity for your soul. However, the Sanduny Bath House is the oldest sauna in Russia, with its magnificent architecture and fairytale decoration, you will feel like royalty whilst enjoying all the benefits of the sauna and thermal pools.

Vabali, Germany

top spa and wellness getaways
Image: Vabali

Germans are also addicted to this activity, which is reflected in the tremendous amount of public saunas available, especially found linked with swimming pools or gyms. Of course, in true German style, everything is well organized and it is said that you have to be inside the sauna for at least 15 minutes for it to be really beneficial. To escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin, take a sauna session at Vabali, very close to the central station, but isolated at the same time. You will find different types of saunas, from a Russian banya to a panoramic sauna that will transport you into the perfect setting with its unbeatable garden views.

QC Spa, Italy

top spa and wellness getaways
Image: Romeing

Italy is a land that is famous for its art, history and unbeatable cuisine. Therefore, add on a trip to an Italian wellness center and you will experience the ultimate trip. Our favorite? The fantastic QC Spa in Milan, which offers bio-saunas with a detox effect, salt rooms and swimming pools big enough to make your head spin. Also, not to be missed is the “wellness tram”. It is a sauna inside a tram featuring 70° heat and 35% humidity … it’s time to sweat out those toxins!
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