The stylish active wear label taking over Hollywood

Whatever your excuse is for skipping your workout — stress, exhaustion, the new season of Suits – don’t worry, we’ve heard (and used) them all before. But, there is one thing that never fails to get us up and moving. Stylish active wear.
Enter Alo Yoga, an on-trend active wear range which has the chic tick of approval from models Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner as well as our very own Bianca Cheah. Inspired by life in the fashion and healthy-lifestyle mecca L.A., where they’re based, Alo Yoga is created by a design team of yoga enthusiasts and tested on the best yogis to ensure the finest, most slimming, move-with-you fit (read: booty lifting, leg lengthening and waist slimming effects).
We recently spoke to the creative brains behind this stylish brand, Abby Gordon, about the inspiration for the latest collection, her personal favourites from the range and how to take your active wear look from studio to the street.

Meet Alo Yoga’s VP of Design & Marketing, Abby Gordon

What is the inspiration behind Alo Yoga?Alo Yoga

Air. Land. Ocean. We wanted to create a line that helps women move through their busy lives that seamlessly transitions from the yoga studio to the street.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced since the brand launched?

When we launched Alo Yoga, we had no idea it would illicit such a strong response and it would grow so rapidly in such a short period of time. That has truly been a blessing, and simultaneously, a huge challenge. Our business has grown tremendously every year since its inception. We are so incredibly grateful to be embraced by a dynamic yogi community.

How important for Alo Yoga is it to test the garments on yogis?

Being in LA we have access to some of the greatest yogis in the world, to put it mildly it is incredibly important to us that we test all of our garments on these yogis – and we work rigorously with them to make sure our products exceed all their expectations.

What sort of person does Alo Yoga design for? Is there a particular muse in mind when designing?

Our core client is a motivated, Type-A overachiever that utilizes movement to find balance. Our girl (and now guy!) loves life and all its eccentricities and wants to look their best and feel their best at all times.

What are the key materials/design elements Alo Yoga has used for performance enhancement?

Design performance is my passion! I can’t tell you how many fits we went through to get the Airbrush Legging to market. We became obsessed with lifting and smoothing and I think it shows if you have worn that product. You feel like the best version of yourself!

Alo YogaWhat can we expect from Alo Yoga’s latest collection?

We just launched our amazing collaboration with Gypset Goddess, which was so beautiful – lots of butterfly prints and natural elements that are limited edition and unique to Alo’s aesthetic. We also just launched our men’s collection and we have developed the most amazing men’s compression tights, relaxed sweatpants, and tees. We are really proud of the product – yogi tested and approved! The Spring collection is absolutely gorgeous with lots of lovely pastels and some subtle prints like python and tie-dye. We’ve expanded upon our core leggings with more versions of our motos and goddess bestsellers. We also love the mesh details that are so popular now. Bella Hadid practically lives in our Goddess Leggings and Kendall Jenner is a big fan of our Moto Leggings.

What is your favorite piece from your latest range?

I can’t live without our white Moto Leggings. I think they are so chic, flattering and they perfectly transition from streetwear to workout. For those that are intimidated by white, this is the legging to give you confidence. I also really love the Beam Short Sleeve Top – which is such an easy and cute piece to wear with our high waisted leggings – it looks great to just run around town in or throw on after class.

We’ve seen that stirrup tights have made a comeback. What other key athleisure/active wear trends do you foresee?

Stirrups are amazing – I love the line they create. Mesh is a huge trend at the moment. Crop tops paired with high waisted leggings – matching sets in particular – are flying off the shelves (thanks Kendall)! I only see the interest in crops growing and we have a ton of new crop styles – from longline bras to billowy, banded tees. I have to say though, that one of the most exciting trends overall is athleisure as a category – it’s tracking to become even more important.

The lines between active wear and daywear are more blurred than ever. What are your tips for styling this look?

Great question! We at Alo Yoga believe the more confident you feel working out, the more effective and consistent your workouts will be – and let’s face it- your gear is a major player in your confidence. With how busy all of our lives have become, it’s imperative that our wardrobe is multi-functional and transitional. I think a monochromatic look always appears pulled together – whether it’s basic black or Cerulean or Print – it’s a clean, powerful look. Topping your outfit off with a motorcycle jacket, aviator sunnies and some sick hightops ala Gigi Hadid is quite of the moment as well.

What’s next for Alo Yoga?

Two words: FLAGSHIP STORE. We are creating the total Alo Yoga lifestyle experience for our clients to immerse themselves in. It will be unlike anything in our category.
Alo Yoga

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