Exclusive: Our Instacrush The Southern Yogi On Abs, Asanas, Bravery, And Always Being Hungry

@TheSouthernYogi gets real with Amodrn.

We’ve got a big ‘ol #girlcrush on Morgan Haley, aka @TheSouthernYogi. A quick scroll through her Instagram page and you’ll see the woman has major yoga chops—and so do all of her incredible acroyoga friends!—but we love the realness, vulnerability, and raw honesty that she bravely publishes to her nearly 280,000 followers.

She’s got these long, gorgeous limbs that twist and fold gracefully into yoga poses we can only dream of mastering (seriously, it’ll inspire you to download her e-book Ab Asanas to increase your core strength so you, too, can hit every handstand like it ain’t no thang…), but it’s not all effortless for Haley. As she reveals daily on her page, Haley is just doing her best to bring light to the world and figure out this little thing called life.

In a digital world where everyone seems to totally have everything figured out, she reminds us that it’s OK not to know all the answers. As long as you stay true to yourself and trust the path, you’ll find yourself exactly where you need to be.


Name: Morgan Haley

Born: September 19, 1990 in Pennsylvania.

Current home base: Louisville, KY
Known for: Always being hungry 
Personal Motto: Life is short, live for the NOW
Success is: Becoming the best and most fulfilling version of yourself 
Advice I would give my 20-year-old self: Stop trying to grow up so fast. Adulting is overrated. 
People are surprised that I: Don’t have a background in dance or gymnastics 
The biggest risk I’ve taken (that has paid off) is: quitting my big girl job at a hospital and working at Starbucks in order to pursue yoga. 
From my mistakes, I have learnt: to hold so much grace for myself. To forgive myself. 
My most used emoji is: 💛 


Wake up time: between 7:30-8. My stomach anyways wakes me up!  
Morning ritual: English breakfast tea with milk and sugar, a bird in a nest (Google it if you don’t know. BEST breakfast ever) and yoga.
Desk lunch: is a desk lunch like, a thing? 🙄 
Last thing I do at night: give my little coyote dog a big hug and kiss
Guilty pleasure: Nord’s Doughnuts
3 things vital to my day: English breakfast tea, yoga, and Jesus. 
Cafe: Bluedog Bakery
Juice: Anything cold pressed juice with green apple or grapefruit in it from The Weekly Juicery.
Coffee. The ONLY place I’ll drink a cup of coffee is Sunergos. 💁🏼
Culture Stop: Locust Grove is a national historic landmark close to the house I grew up in. It’s a GORGEOUS park with tons of hiking and historical facts to read about. I used to bike there every day. 
Studio/Gym: Yogaia Yoga on Frankfurt Avenue. It’s the most magical space located above an old bookstore.


Sports Top: Alo Yoga
Sports shorts: Alo Yoga 
Sports shoes: Nike or Adidas
Sunglasses: I don’t own a pair. I actually hate wearing sunglasses. 🙈
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Store: for non-yoga wear, Madewell is my go to for all the comfy-chic casual wear. 
New season must-have: Oversized olive canvas-cargo jacket from Madewell 


App: PicTapGo for editing photos on the go is my jam

Website: Yelp.com (always looking for food!)

Binge watch: The Vampire Diaries

Instagram Stalk: @stephynow – she’s who inspired my to do my yoga teacher training

Album Love: Phase by Jack Garratt 


Website: www.abasanas.com

Instagram: @the_southern_yogi

Facebook: Morgan Tyler 

Snap: Modeyoung 

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