The Secret Holy Grail Snack We Stash At Our Desks

Much like the perfect foundation or pair of sneakers, we’re always on the lookout for that holy grail snack. One that’s convenient for stashing in our handbags or work desks, is filling and, of course, tasty. Opening a chocolate bar is always a tempting option when hunger cravings strike. But not only are these a poor choice for your health and waistline, but they’re likely to lead to a major energy slump an hour later!
Ask any nutritionist and they’ll tell you, the perfect snack includes a trifecta of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

But where do you even find a snack like that?

Well, if you ask us, you can’t go past Sakata rice crackers as your trusty base. “But wait, aren’t rice crackers loaded with MSG or flavour enhancers?” you might say. You’re absolutely right, most are! But Sakata is the only rice cracker brand in Australia that contains no artificial flavours and no added MSG across their entire range. They’re also cooked in Canola oil to ensure they are lower in saturated fat (the bad kind!) and all are below 10% total fat.

Not only that—they’re actually good for you! Sakata’s wholegrain range of crackers is made from 60% wholegrain rice and contain linseeds, sesame and chia seeds, making them a great source of omega-3. Oh, and because portion control is important when it comes to snacking, they’ve made it really easy—each row in a Sakata tray is approximately one serve (20-25g). Even Libby Trickett, former professional swimmer and four-time gold medalist swears by her Sakatas as a healthy on-the-go snack. And if it’s good enough for a professional athlete, it’s good enough for us! You can simply dip them in some hummus (high in both good fats and protein) or top them with a fat source like avocado and protein source like cheese or tuna. Either way, you’ve got yourself one nutritious, portable and super tasty snack!

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