The Poke Shack Is Taking Over L.A.'s Bowl Scene

Want a fast, nutritious, budget-friendly meal option? We've got it.

It seems like Angelenos would happily eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of a bowl. And now they can at the bright and beautiful Poke Shack.

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Poke is sushi-grade raw ahi or salmon that’s been marinated in overnight in spices and shoyu. Usually, it’s served with rice or greens and topped with veggies, seasonings, and sauces. The Hawaiian-style bowls have become hugely popular in L.A. as health-conscious diners demand organic, natural food that tastes good and is nutritious.
The great thing about the Poke Shack? It’s fast, affordable, and really, really good. The affable employees behind the counter freely offer recommendations for the best flavor/topping combos as you build your poke bowl, even letting you try different sauces. If you’re too indecisive to make your own, try one of the curated bowls on their menu.

I loved it because it felt like I was eating a constructed version of my favorite sushi roll—but better! The fact that they let me try all four sauces—crunchy garlic, house shoyu, wasabi shoyu, and sriracha aioli—was a big win in my book. (I ended up going with a shoyu-crunchy garlic combo because that’s what my poke chef recommended … low key delish) Plus, you’re able to add unique toppings like avocado, kimchi, and macadamia nuts or swap out rice for low-carb options like kale or seaweed.
As a nutritionist, finding fast and inexpensive restaurants I can recommend to my clients is huge—the Poke Shack has enough offerings that anyone could wander in and make a totally healthy, filling, nutritionally-dense meal with zero fuss.

Reached your seafood quota for the week? Don’t worry, the shack has you covered. They offer luscious acai bowls and smoothies that are topped with fresh fruit, granola, and honey. Bottom line: We’re huge fans of the Poke Shack. Hit up any of their three L.A. locations for a quick and healthy meal!

The Poke Shack

Instagram: @thepokeshack
Venice:  79 Windward Avenue, Venice
Venice #2: 1425 Ocean Front Walk, Venice
West Hollywood : 7257 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
Photo credit: The Poke Shack

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