The Only 5 Yoga Poses You Need If You're A Busy Mum On The Go

Take some time out to get in the zen zone.

yoga poses for mum on the go
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Sometimes, life just gets in the way and you forget to do things for yourself. This Mother’s Day, Kate Kendall of Sydney’s Flow Athletic encourages any mum and mum-to-be to give themselves the gift of ‘calm’. Simply carry out the following sequence on your own or in a group to celebrate the beauty of being a woman!

Malasana – Yogic Squat

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Good for: Opening hips, groin and lower back.
How to: From a standing posture, take feet hip distance apart and turn toes out, heels slightly in. As you exhale, slowly bend knees to lower into a squat. Make sure your toes and knees and pointing in the same direction. If heels lift, prop yourself on a block or stay of books for support. 5-10 conscious breaths.

Cat / Cow

yoga cat pose
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Good for: Awakening the spine.
How to: From the above posture, lean forward and place hands at shoulder distance apart. Move back onto all fours, lining wrists under shoulder and knees under hips. On the inhalation lower abdomen, lift sit bones and open chest to look forward. On the exhalation runs the spine drawing chin to throat and tail bone under. Repeat x 3.

Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog

downward dog
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Good for: Lengthening the whole back line of the body including hamstrings and spine plus opening the chest. The inversion in this makes it great for energy and digestion.
How to: From all fours, walk hands one hand distance forward, curl toes under and lift knees slowly to pitch the sit bones right up and back until you feel decompression in the spine. You may need to bend the knees slightly and tilt the tailbone up and back to get the full benefit of decompressing through spine. 10 conscious breaths
(Return to Cat / Cow x 3)

Anahatasana – Melting Heart Pose

melting heart pose
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Good for: Opening chest and shoulders.
How to: From all fours, keep hips and knees in line as you slowly slide hands out in front. Forehead eventually kisses the earth or lifts just off the earth onto a block. 10 conscious breaths.
(Back to Cat / Cow)

Balasana – Child’s Pose

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Great for: Opening the hips, groin, lower back and chest.
How to: From all fours, sit back onto heels, stretch arms in front and rest forehead to earth. Stay for a long time! As long as feels comfortable. You may want to make this extra delicious by placing a bolder or cushion between legs so that chest rests on support and head turns one way.

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