The Low-Calorie Ice Cream That Claims To Help You Sleep


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Chances are you’ve heard about ‘the ice cream that helps you sleep’. Formulated by leading sleep experts, Nightfood is the ice cream brand making waves in the US thanks to claims that eating their product before bed can actually support sleep. 
Designed off the back of data that indicates ice cream as a popular pre-bed snack amongst millions of Americans, the idea here is to allow people to still have their night-time treat, without having it negatively impact on their sleep. 
How? By removing all sleep-disruptive ingredients commonly found in ice cream (excess sugar, fat and caffeine in some flavours) and instead, replacing them with sleep-friendly ingredients (like certain amino acids and minerals). 

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Image via Instagram user @therealnightfood

The ice cream, which starts at just 70 calories per serve is also high in protein and fibre, free from artificial sweeteners and is supposedly suitable for those with lactose intolerances. Five out of the eight flavours are also gluten-free. 
According to Sydney-based accredited practicing dietitian, Chloe McLeod, what makes a food ‘sleep-friendly’ is “something that stabilises energy or calms it down.” In the case of ice cream for example, “milk itself can help with sleep due to the stimulus of melatonin.”
For this reason, Chloe usually recommends milk with cinnamon, a turmeric latte or yoghurt with berries before bed for a simple and healthy option. Herbal teas which don’t contain caffeine such as chamomile tea is another one of her go-to’s. 
Apart from food, there are other things you can do to help enhance sleep including switching off all tech devices an hour before you go to sleep, wearing blue light blocking glasses, avoiding alcohol, limiting your caffeine intake, rubbing lavender or magnesium oil onto your body and listening to a calming guided meditation. 

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