Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar' Recipes Now Have A New Home

It's a new chapter in the IQS legacy.

i quit sugar
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When a few months back, Sarah Wilson announced she was shutting down the I Quit Sugar brand, it sent the health world into a tailspin. As sugar-free foodies mourned the end of an era, many questions arose. What was the reason behind the closure? What was Sarah going to do next? And most importantly, what was going to happen to all those delicious recipes the site had amassed over the years?

But thanks to a statement released by Sarah on the IQS website last week, all of these pressing questions have been answered. In the letter, she explains that in the wake of her decision, “some very interesting and wonderfully kind stuff happened.”

“First, I got approached by a whole heap of unlikely organisations wanting to support the charity work I’ll be doing going forward,” she writes. “Second, I got approached by a dozen or so parties wanting to help continue the IQS legacy by buying up some of the assets and giving them a new life.”

A shoot with my favourite crew @photopalmer @paulbedggood @ingridohlsson , wearing the same threads from a similar shoot 7 years ago, micromanaging the bejesus out of everyone (I can only offer peace fingers ✌🏻 and promise that including a frozen pea packet and a @fratelliparadiso bone in a cookbook will REALLY RESONATE with readers). MASSIVE SHOUTOUT to Maria @ardinosalon who exceeds her briefs (as my Dad is wont of saying) in colouring all my hairs and to Irene @nourishedlife for helping me out with toxin-free beauty gear. I don’t normally do these sucky posts but an exception must be made here because these women #giveashit and know their stuff and I can genuinely say that I recommend their work and wares. 🤝

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We’re not surprised to learn there was a tidal wave of interest in buying the 1500+ sugarfree recipes—which Sarah could have easily sold for a motza and retired to some far-flung tropical island for a few years. But instead, she thought only about how she could use this situation to continue serving her loyal readers, as well as the wider community.

“You guys made it really clear you’d love to have continued access to the recipes. What if I could deliver on that AND I could turn it into an opportunity to help people far more in need than most of us here? So. I decided to sell the recipes with all money going to charity,” she writes.

Respect, girl! And it turns out, the new owner of the IQS recipes is just as much as a legend as Sarah. They’re going to none other than Sam Wood, creator of 28 by Sam Wood, who also contributes regularly to Amodrn.

“As of today every recipe from the website and the 8-Week Program will be available over at 28 by Sam Wood. The free IQS recipes currently available on the IQS blog will remain freely available through the 28 By Sam Wood blog. The recipes that formed the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program are being integrated into the 28 program, and will complement existing 28 recipes,” Sarah explains.

She elaborates further on her decision to past the baton to the Sam Wood brand. “I wanted to raise as much money as I could for some worthy charity projects I’m committing to. Sam got this. He got on board. He shared the values of his business. I dug down deeper into his community–I could see they got this. Then he offered to work further with me on the charity project I keep mentioning. He is also committed to pairing accessible fitness training with dietary principles that align with most of the ones I worked to for eight years. You know what? The guy gives a shit. He will provide a good home.”


In the statement, Sarah also digs a little deeper into the causes she will be working on. “For those interested in the charity stuff–I’ve set up a philanthropic trust that I will be building on, adding to over coming years,” she writes. “The funds will be directed to major projects (working with registered charities) in the food waste, homeless and anxiety spaces.”

We can’t wait to see what this new chapter of the I Quit Sugar legacy holds.

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